Dengue alert in Jaipur

Dengue alert in Jaipur: 299 cases in seven days

Dengue outbreak in Rajasthan with 821 dengue cases in a week out of which 299 are from Jaipur, doctors appeal to remain alert and stay safe.


Dengue cases are continuously being reported in the city and taking a toll on the health of the people. Jaipur reported 299 dengue cases in the last seven days. Doctors have pleaded to the people to remain alert and take precautions.

People should remain alert and take precautions even after being infected with dengue. Even after being infected once, a person can be reinfected with dengue.

The Medical and Health Department claims that dengue will come under control once the cold increases as the mosquitoes will end. However, the health department has made arrangements to prevent dengue spread through the bite of the Aedes aegypti mosquito. 

According to the senior officials of SMS medical college, “Exposure to a dengue virus serotype doesn’t provide immunity to other serotype so when the same person again gets infected by another virus serotype due to subsequent aedes mosquito bite then he gets secondary dengue.”

“Dengue can be fatal even if you are infected for the first time. Also, if the person gets reinfection after being recovered from the first infection, he could develop complications. In both cases, he should take proper treatment,” he added. 

The quick surge in cases of dengue in seven days is indicating that the city is worst-affected. The doctors of SMS Hospital spoke of taking precautions and that people should keep a check on their symptoms. If being infected with dengue or if they develop any warning signs they should rush to the hospital immediately.

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