rooftop restaurants sealed in jaipur

Now complaints will be addressed quickly in Jaipur

For the quick addressal of complaints, the residents of Jaipur can approach through the JMC Heritage office, a special team is deployed for fast response.


Jaipur Municipal Corporation Heritage is all set to resolve the complaints of the residents timely and quickly. JMC heritage has deployed a special team of officers to address the people’s concerns, and maintain a log of complaints. 

For this, the Civil Lines zone office of JMC Heritage is creating a strong mechanism to keep daily log complaints or requests received from the residents. Once built, the complaints received each day will be reviewed the same day and will timely address the issues as quickly as possible.

Quick resolution of citizen cases with maintaining records 

JMC-H has decided to maintain a daily log of complaints after they received a notice from authorities for barring the entry of brokers and lawyers into the JMC-H offices. It caused a huge uproar over the notice by various associations and several councilors. A protest was held against the notice which led to the revision of orders. 

Following this, JMC-H officials will now be maintaining records and coordinating with the concerned units to give precise timings to the citizens in resolving their issues. A group of rapid administrators will be handling the log of complaints received each day. They will be deployed at the office entrance of the JMC-H office. 

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