corona in jaipur

Corona blast in Jaipur for the eighth consecutive day


With the change in Jaipur weather, the speed of Corona is increasing rapidly in the state and especially in Jaipur. This continuously increasing figure has started producing restlessness. Now the constant figure has started to cross 2100. Here in the capital Jaipur, More than 400 patients have been confirmed for the eighth consecutive day on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, 2178 new Corona positive cases were found in the state. However, 12 patients died. After this, the total number of corona infects in Rajasthan has increased to 2 lakh 32 thousand 358. At the same time, the number of dead has increased to 2101 due to Corona’s grip in the state. More than 40.59 lakh samples have been collected in the state.

Speaking of the capital Jaipur, 468 corona infected cases were reported on Wednesday. While 2 people died. The death toll in Jaipur has so far risen to 402. Here the number of corona infections has increased to 40514. Of these, 33419 have been recovered. In such a situation now 6692 people are left infected. 

More than 400 positive cases are being reported here continuously for the last eight days. For the first time in the last eight months, a record 538 positive cases were found in Jaipur on November 16 in a single day.  The rapidly growing figures have raised concerns of the residents and the health department.

Talking about the recovery rate in the state, it has been more than 90 percent. But the number of patients increasing is worrisome. So far, over 2.32 lakh corona infected cases have been reported in Rajasthan. The exact figure of the total infected has reached 232358. At the same time, the figure of the dead has reached 2101. While about active cases, the figure is now 19478 in the state.

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