Now the second dose of Covishield can be taken after 28 days

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New rule in corona vaccination, now the second dose of Coveshield can be taken after 28 days, people will not have to wait for 84 days to get the second dose of their vaccination. Exemption for those going to travel internationally for work, education or sports competition.

If one wants to go abroad for a job or sports activities from the state and their travel dates fall before 84 days, then the government has changed the rules of corona vaccination for their convenience. The second dose of Covishield, which is to be applied after 84 days, will be exempted from that rule. A person going abroad can now be given the second dose of the vaccine before 84 days in the state.

According to the guidelines issued by the Department of Medical and Health, such beneficiaries going abroad before August 31, whose first dose of Corona vaccine (Covishield) has been administered, will not have to wait for 84 days for the second dose. He will be given a second dose by the administration only after 28 days. For this, he has to apply on the government’s portal.

For the second dose, individuals can apply to the government portal After visiting this site, the applicant will have to fill in all the details and upload documents by going to e-Intimation for Prior Vaccination (Foreign Travel). After verifying this information, the CMHO of the concerned district will receive a message from the applicant. In that message, the details about the second dose and the place will be sent to that person.

Currently, the government has a rule of having a gap of 12 weeks or 84 days between the two doses. Now, the second dose can be taken between 7 and 9 weeks. Due to this, most of the people whose one dose has been taken in May will now get their vaccination by the end of July.

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