Colonies of Jaipur to connect with Abhay Command Center through CCTV

20 thousand colonies in Jaipur will be connected to Abhay Command Centre: Direct monitoring will be done through CCTV cameras.


A new initiative is being taken by the government to stop the increasing crimes in Jaipur. After the cameras installed in the markets, now the CCTV cameras installed in the colonies will be connected to the Abhay Command Center of the police, so that direct monitoring of the crimes taking place in the colony can be done.

Chief Secretary Sudhansh Pant has given these instructions to the collectors of the state on Tuesday. After the order, about 20 thousand colonies of the city will be connected to CCTV cameras, although most of the colonies of the capital do not have CCTV cameras installed, but initially the colonies which have CCTV cameras installed will be connected to the centre.

There are preparations to soon equip those colonies which do not have CCTV cameras. Till now, about 829 CTV cameras have been installed in the markets of the capital through Abhay Command. Their monitoring is done through Abhay Command Centre.

According to the Chief Secretary Sudhansh Pant, “CCTV cameras in private colonies and markets in big cities should be connected to the Abhay Command Centre, so that every moment of crimes happening in the entire city can be recorded and immediate action can be taken. Every collector has been mandated to conduct surprise inspections of one office in a week and form an inspection team under him.” 

32 orders issued to 48 collectors

Rajasthan Chief Secretary Sudhansh Pant has intensified the initiative to tighten bureaucracy and increase the confidence of the common people in the administration. For this, 32 orders have been issued to 48 collectors on Tuesday. Instructions have been given to follow the orders at all costs. 

He is focusing on ensuring that public work is done quickly and hearings are regular. Also, the personnel who have been working in departments and offices for a long time should be identified, so that they can be replaced.

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