Civilians can now book Metro for the birthday celebration

Civilians can now book Metro for the birthday celebration, pre-wedding shoots


The residents of the city can now book Jaipur Metro for celebrating birthday parties, pre-wedding shoots, and other family occasions.

The Jaipur Metro administration announced its new initiative. Bookings should be made before seven days of the occasion online on the official website or by contacting the joint general manager. The booking will be done under three categories.

First category: Applicant has to deposit Rs 50,000 as security. A single Jaipur Metro coach will be booked with an initial fee of Rs 8,000 for the first hour. An amount of Rs 5000 per hour will be charged thereafter.

Second category: Applicant needs to deposit Rs 1 lakh as security. Four Jaipur Metro coaches will be booked with a fee of Rs 20,000 for the first hour. For extending the time Rs 10,000 per hour will be charged.

Third category: The security deposit amount will be Rs 50,000. Applicants will be able to celebrate the occasion in a stationed metro. The booking fee will be Rs 10,000 per hour for a maximum of 30 people.

According to a senior Jaipur Metro official, “The security deposit will be returned. The person will be charged as per the usage time of the Jaipur Metro coach. The coaches can be booked for any length of time throughout the day. Other passengers won’t be permitted to enter the coaches booked for special events.”

This Scheme is launched with an aim to increase revenue from Jaipur metro. This will also provide the city residents with a unique platform to celebrate special occasions, he added.

To book a Jaipur Metro, you just have to go to the Jaipur Metro website:

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