Jaipur railway station

Jaipur railway station to offer airport experience

Gandhi Nagar railway station to become the first station in Jaipur that will be developed to give an airport-like experience.


A big gift to Pink City, Jaipur Gandhi Nagar railway station to undergo development and become the first upgraded railway station giving an airport-like feel. After modernization, the railway station would be the first of its kind in the city offering world-class facilities.

According to the CPRO Captain Shashi Kiran, ‘The Railways has started preparations to develop Gandhi Nagar substation of Jaipur Junction with world-class facilities. For the redevelopment, the railway has issued a tender of 180 crores. Gandhinagar station has been included in the stations marked for the redevelopment of the North-Western Railway. Under this, two new buildings will be constructed at Gandhinagar station.’

Developments of the railway station

Passengers will get modern facilities like airports. The Main Entrance Station building will have various facilities like a departure lobby, security check area with baggage scanner, help desk for passengers, restrooms, RPF room, head TC room etc.

For passengers holding unreserved tickets on platform number 1, the station will provide facilities such as a waiting hall, executive waiting hall, baby food room, and different types of shops.

A 2 storey basement will be built, there will be enough parking for vehicles. The ground floor will have the railway office.

There will be shops, modular toilets, stairs, lifts, and escalators. The stairs, escalators and lifts will go to the second floor. The second floor will have access control, a metal detector system, a scanner and a waiting room.

The main entrance building on the Bajaj Nagar side will be three-storeyed, while the building on the Tonk Road side will be two-storeyed.

The existing foot overbridge (FOB) will be used by passengers to reach the station. This FOB will open directly in the arrival hall.

The Air Concourse will be built on the railway lines connecting both the buildings to the platforms. There is no concept of an air concourse at any railway station in the state.

Electricity will be saved at Gandhinagar railway station

It is going to be the first railway station in the country which will use zero energy. It will use domestic electricity with the help of solar panels, which has been named Zero Energy. In this, the station will use as much electricity as it needs, apart from saving electricity. This step aims to reduce energy consumption.

The look of the Pink City will be reflected

Gandhinagar station will be developed with a look of Pink City. There will be latticework, arches, domes, chhatris, jharokha, baradari, ornamentation, and stonework. Apart from this, the city’s famous ‘flavours’ will be found on the terrace of the railway station. The terrace will have different seating like a rooftop restaurant. There will be different food stalls serving the famous flavours of the city.

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