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City Park Mansarovar will have an entry fee from next month

Now there will be a ticket system at City Park Mansarovar, and an entry fee will be collected from visitors to avoid unnecessary crowds.


Maintenance of City Park has become hectic due to excessive footfall. To cope with the unnecessary crowd, the Ticket entry system will start after 9 am so that beautification and crowds can be maintained. Though, the entry will be free for morning walkers between 6 am to 9 am.

The Housing Board department has prepared a proposal to collect entry fees from the people visiting the city park built in Mansarovar, Jaipur. An entry fee of Rs 20 has been fixed
to control the unwanted movement of people in the park. Actually, the sculptures installed in the park have been damaged several times. Not only this, even the canopy of a sculpture was stolen. Whereas, 50 guards are deployed in the park.

In the presence of Housing Board Commissioner Pawan Arora, a meeting was called to review the construction works of City Park, in which the discussion of this proposal was held. According to sources, a separate discussion was held for those who come for morning and evening walks in the park so that they do not have to pay fees, but it will be free from only 6 am to 9 am.

It is being said that these days 8 to 10 thousand people are visiting the park everyday. Because of this, unwanted people are damaging the trees and plants in the park, the beautiful sculptures installed there and other beautiful things made for viewing. Apart from this, in view of the expenditure of lakhs of rupees every month on the maintenance of the park, the board administration has decided to collect fees from the visitors.

Two new roads will be built

In this meeting, a proposal was discussed to construct two new roads to control the crowd coming from the Madhyam Marg in City Park. These roads will connect VT Road to Aravalli Road. Right now there is a huge vacant land of the Housing Board between these two roads. Fountain Square Park is being developed on some part of it, while the rest of the land has been kept reserved for auction. To control the crowd coming from Madhyam Marg, a road of 40 feet will be constructed after Fountain Square and 80 feet after the plot is auctioned for the mall.

The work on the second phase of the park is currently underway. It will be completed by June. Children’s play area is being developed in this phase. From swings to children’s gym is being made in it.

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