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Central Park Jaipur – an oasis of greenery amid a bustling city

Looking for a place to unwind from the stress in natural and colourful surroundings? Visit Central Park in Jaipur to find solitude in the heart of the city.

Places To Visit

Jaipur brims with wonderful monuments and sights either historical or newly formed. One such beautiful place is Central Park, the most captivating and prime park in the pink city with a very modern methodology. It lies in the core of the town and is amongst the main hangout places for all ages alike. Central Park blooms out to be one of the largest and most colourful gardens in Jaipur. The word Central Park conjures up images of the one in New York, one of the most prominent parks in the world. 

About Central Park Jaipur

Spread across a total area of 129 acres this park has a 5km long track for walking and jogging, thus attracting many locals to enjoy the beauty of the park while working on their health. It is quite popular among locals for morning and evening walks. In the morning visitors participate in various Yoga programs that are organized in the park premises.

central park jaipur area

The park is a paradise for those looking for a quiet location to have your perfect picnic with loved ones. When it comes to bird-watching enthusiasts, Jaipur’s Central Park is the best choice for visitors as the park is a bird watcher’s paradise with several migratory as well as native birds visiting it round the year. 

Central Park is kept in a beautiful state with emerald green trees and blooming vegetation. It serves as a house for a hi-tech nursery and a glass house that has an inland and foreign variety of bamboo plants. A colorful bed of flowers is adorned by foreign aquatic plants that are found in the small ponds. These flower beds are really eye-catching and attract a lot of visitors. In addition sections, the wonderful water fountains add to the charisma of the beautiful atmosphere of this park.

The central park also has a temple on its premises. 

History of Central Park

Like many other landmarks in the city, Central Park is the consequence of the delightful endeavours of old maharajas. In fact, it was a gift by the Jaipur Maharajas to the people of Jaipur.

Central Park was formally inaugurated by Rajasthan’s Chief Minister, Smt. Vasundhara Raje Scindia on 21st January 2006. Constructed by Jaipur Development Authority, this is a prevalent park in Jaipur which being the Pink City is the major tourist place in Rajasthan.

Prime attraction 

The national flag 
jaipur  central park national flag 
jaipur central park national flag 

The park showcases a huge 206 feet high Indian National Flag whose dimensions are 28ft wide and 72 ft in length. The flag post is installed on the raised area. It looks magnificent when high voltage light falls on the tricolour. It is one of the tallest in the nation visible through streets and places nearby. This is India’s first day and night monumental flag that looks magnificent during the night when the flag is soaked in colourful lights.

Musical fountain 
central park jaipur Musical fountain 

The musical fountain is the highlight of the park which looks beautiful during the sunset. As the name indicates, it comprises a colourful display of water, lights and music.

Stone statues
Stone-statues in-jaipur-central-park
Stone-statues in-jaipur-central-park

Stone statues beside the National Flag are also a prime attraction. They were installed 12 years ago and the credit goes to the artist Sameer Wheaton, a furniture exporter from Jaipur. These are local stones of Rajasthan and are a representation of the constellation Capricorn and Winter Solstice. The 13 carved stones are an object of curiosity among tourists and are often visited by hundreds of people every week.

Open-air Gym

Open-air Gym was inaugurated in June 2016. Another first in the city. Considering the fact that open-air gyms are popular all across the world, the Jaipur Development Authority introduced one in the park. Since this is a hit among the locals, there are such gyms in many other parks of the city.

Music Concert

JDA frequently organizes music concerts in the park. These are usually classical Indian, jazz, and Indo-western fusion music.

Things to do at Central Park

Here are some of the most famous activities you can indulge in at Central Park:

Things to do at Central Park

Attend Yoga sessions – Yoga sessions are organized every day in the morning hour which is open for everyone. There is a special place in the park where you can meditate and workout. Do visit this park for a rejuvenating session with nature. The sights and environment of this lovely place will delight you for sure.

Go for a jog – You can come here in the morning or evening for running/jogging as it has a 5kms long running track.

Enjoy a picnic – The park brims with tourists especially in the winter to soak the heat of the winter sun in the huge lush gardens. You can come here and enjoy a picnic with your family and friends. 

Watch a Polo match – Central Park is located close to the well-known Rambagh Polo ground and golf club both of which have colossal parks. At the Rambagh Polo Club, you can observe the national and International games and in the golf club you can laze around in the shade or play Golf.

Tips for travellers

Central Park is a serene place where you can spend time with your loved ones without paying anything. Here are some tips to visit the park:

  • Carry your camera kit to capture selfies and beautiful pictures of nature. You will get a chance to capture the attractive migratory birds in your photos, and enjoy their singing and dancing.
  • The park does not allow pet dogs or animals inside the premises.
  • Separate Restroom facilities for male and female are available inside along with free clean drinking water.
  • Since Central Park serves as a day picnic place for many locals, you can carry food inside the park.
  • The park is also famous among children for playing games such as Flying discs, and badminton. You can’t play games like football.
  • If you are someone who loves lights and music, do visit the place during sunset to enjoy the musical fountain and the beautiful lights around the park.
  • It is best to visit the park in the morning. If you are visiting the park for a morning jog/walk, carry your water bottle as it can get quite hot in the park.
  • Do not carry any heavy luggage with you, as there are no locker facilities available in the park.
  • Do not litter or throw garbage here and there in the park.

Restaurants near Central Park Jaipur

Due to its prime location, there are quite a few restaurants and cafes near Central Park Jaipur that offer authentic and scrumptious Rajasthani food as well as continental cuisine. Few of them worthy of finding are Polo Bar, Rajput Room, Rajasthani Thali, Little Italy, Jaipur Adda, The Grill.

Moreover, if you are a coffee person, walk in to Saras Point at Statue Circle. They serve the best coffee in the Central Park Jaipur area that the coffee buff in you would most certainly leave with a memorable experience.

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Hotels near Central Park Jaipur

You will find many budget hotels in Jaipur near Central Park. Some of the good options are Grand Uniara, Golden Tulip, Lords Plaza, Times Flute boutique, Vesta Maurya, Leisure Inn Grand Chanakya etc.

Central Park Jaipur Entry fee

There is no entry fee to enter the park and you can spend as much time as you want without any restrictions. 

Parking facility 

There are four entrance gates in Central Park Jaipur and there are parking lots at each of the above four gates. You can park your vehicle in the parking area which is also free of cost.

Central Park Jaipur Timings

The timings of Central Park Jaipur is from 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Address Central Park in Jaipur

Prithviraj Rd, Rambagh, Jaipur, Rajasthan


0141 257 766

Central Park in Jaipur location

The Central Park Jaipur distance from Jaipur Junction Railway Station is just 4 km. Central Park is a public park located in the heart of Jaipur city near the Statue Circle on Prithviraj Road, Rambagh. 

How to reach central park

Since it is located at the centre of the pink city, it is accessible through all means of transport throughout the city. One may either hire a taxi, or an auto rickshaw from the city centre or, can also rent a cab from top car rental companies in Jaipur to reach the Central Park. In case of budget travellers, buses would be the most economical option. The nearest bus stop to reach Central Park Jaipur is Ashok Nagar Bus Stop.

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Best time to visit

The mid-year season, that is, from March to August, is very hot and you will not be able to even step outside. So, the most favourable time to visit would be during the long stretches of October till March. During this time, the weather is quite pleasant and cool. These winter months also ensure that you will not have to brace the scorching sun every time you step out. 

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