Jaipur International Airport

Jaipur Airport soon to get a transformation, know everything

Jaipur Airport will be transformed with many new facilities in a few days. The seating capacity is being increased, know everything.


In the coming days, passengers will see Jaipur Airport completely changed. Preparations for the transformation of the airport of Jaipur are going on vigorously. Work is under progress to increase the facilities for passengers and to give it a new look. The efforts of the airport management to transform the airport complex before the arrival of the New Year.

These days, extreme changes are being made at Jaipur International Airport. These changes are being made on a large scale. The existing arrangements are being changed for the convenience of the passengers. The Airport Authority believes that the passenger load at Jaipur Airport will increase in the new year. Due to this, changes are being made in the airport.The seating capacity is being increased. 

Changes have been going on continuously ever since Jaipur Airport went into private hands. This time, changes are being made on a large scale to give Jaipur Airport a grand look of an international airport. According to the Jaipur Airport management, the new changes will be very convenient for the passengers. Some new features will also be added to it.

These changes are being made 

  • Departure gates in T2 building will be increased from 2 to 5. 
  • The old arrival gate has now been converted into a departure gate. 
  • 13 new check-in counters have been created.
  • New toilets are being constructed in the departure area.
  • Boarding gate is also being constructed on the first floor. 
  • A seating capacity of 100 additional passengers is being prepared on the first floor. 10 ticket booking counters of the terminal building will be shifted outside. 
  • Additional baggage conveyor belts will be installed in departures. 
  • The office of the terminal manager has been shifted. 
  • Keeping in view the possibility of a metro in future, new construction work is being done.

The problems of passengers not decreasing

Jaipur airport management has already made many changes here but the problems of the passengers are not showing any signs of reducing. The ongoing trend of flight delays continues even today. The process of cancellation of flights has not stopped. Passengers of diverted flights have to wait for hours sitting inside the flights. Not only this, airlines arbitrarily increase fares on the occasion of festivals.

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