Good Catering Company in Bangalore

Useful Tips on How to Choose a Good Catering Company in Bangalore

For a memorable gala time with your friends without any worry about caterers follow these useful tips.


One of the top reasons that people love attending the events is good catering services. The finger-licking food and that too with wide variety are all that everyone loves to have when they visit an event. 

But having smooth and amazing catering services is not as easy as pie. Making arrangements for it that also add to fond memories of the guests need pre-planning and alertness. 

To give the best food experience to each guest arriving at your event, it’s necessary to do everything with proper planning. For a more successful event, a reliable catering company is a must to have by your side.

So for a memorable gala time with your friends without any worry about caterers follow these useful tips. I bet if you follow sincerely then it will surely make you stress-free and let you enjoy the event to the fullest.

1. Experience- The topmost priority 

The past work done by the caterers gives you an idea about their services and overall experience. You can ask about their work done at a specific location where your upcoming event will be held. If they have worked there then you will get an idea of their services that will eventually make your trust your decision to give responsibility or not.

You can even ask for a list of venues where those caterers have served so far. From there too, you can have a clear idea about their working experience. If not at the venue, you can collect previous clients’ experiences from testimonials & references. It will clear a picture of their professionalism and work. You will come to a verdict that whether they will be able to meet your requirements or not. 

The best catering services complimented by the skilled crew are not easy to find, but not impossible too. Bhandary’s Kitchen is a well-acclaimed catering company with the experience to handle large-scale parties as well. 

2. Availability on your special day

Everything will go in vain if caterers are not available on that specific day. Their availability is a must to ask and for this, schedule a meeting & share your details. Check out whether they will provide services on the desired day or not. 

You can even check the time for free consultation or discussion with them. This is so because renowned catering companies have their own busy schedule which they need to adhere to. You can schedule your meeting day accordingly and check their availability before finalizing. 

3. Services offered

Check out all the catering services that the company provides. Every company has different specialities and you can consider whether it can help you in your event or not. They may have custom services or may have pre-set menus. This will clarify the idea of whether the catering company will be able to serve the important demands of your guests or not. Their wide range of options will make everything clear to you.

Besides food requirements, catering companies even offer a vast range of services as well such as renting utensils, arranging tables, and keeping everything hygienic. You need to discuss everything, whether they provide these extra services within the cost decided or will take extra amount for the same. 

4. Hygiene and food safety

Hygiene is the topmost priority. Hire that one company that follows hygienic practices and is aware of food safety thoroughly. The health of guests should be pinpointed so that they do not fall sick with bad or unhealthy food and unhygienic conditions. 

5. Goodwill

A good business doesn’t need an introduction. Word of mouth plays a vital role to express the good reputation of a catering company. You can ask the previous clients, and even have a direct conversation with the catering company itself to know whether they have handled similar projects earlier. The online reviews help you get the exact scenario of overall services. Get acquainted with that to know about overall reputation. 

6. Service and Equipment

Every party’s requirements are different. For the large party, understand the number of people that are arriving at the party and analyze whether the company will be able to cover all with exquisite services or not. What equipment is required and will this company provide you with enough for your event? Just for an instance, what will you do at a moment’s notice if cutleries got finished in between the event? 

Here you need to clear everything with the company from equipment, staff, vehicles, and every other resource before finally hiring. If they are not able to cover such a big event then there’s certainly no point to finalize or hire them.

Ask them for the complete list of their services and equipment to avoid further discrepancies in the work. You can even have a look at the website for the services they offer. The best way is discussion, once you speak with them, tell them about your requirements, the scale of the party and also ask for specific packages for the same.

7. Venue & contact details 

Some catering companies provide services in some specific locations only. It’s good to ask for their services whether they provide them at some locations or are available anywhere you want. You can check the internet, the old clients’ reviews and many more on those catering companies. Only if the company can deliver services at the venue you want then make effort otherwise do not waste time while consulting them. 

Not every company will provide services in a specific radius so it’s good to be clear with them. By discussing the venue, you can take contact details so that after finalizing you can contact and plan the event right away. 

8. Insurance and license

Insurance and license are the essences of the catering business. Licensed services have the privilege that in case any injury or accident occurs then they will be completely liable for that incident, so nothing will go fatal. Insurance cover is also a shield to protect you from any uncertainty. 

Before even signing up, check out whether everything is written there or not. The terms of the license and insurance must be clear to you too. On allergens too, the company is responsible to give information. You cannot compromise the health of your guests so make sure everything is clear and safe.

9. Payment method and overall pricing 

The costs differ from company to company. So you can analyze whether they fit in your budget and fulfill all your requirements or you need to look for another option. There’s no standard pricing. Just keep your budget in mind and compare the prices. Keep some extra amount also so that you can serve your guests spontaneous requirements too. 

The payment method and the way to release payment may also differ. If you cannot pay in a lump sum, then you can even ask for instalments after the event is over. With proper discussion, everything can be set in the right way to clear all misunderstandings. 

10. Presentation 

Presentation allures everyone’s attention. Handling and serving of drinks & food also get covered within it. The timely availability of fresh and delicious cuisines and that too in the best way satisfy every guest. 

For this, ask for the samples and check out the presentation level. The uniforms of the staff and their hygienic way to serve guests are above all!

11. Minute detailing of the menu

Your menu will add charm to your party. If it’s not as per the expectations then no matter how dazzling the party you are throwing, the guests will not get satisfied in any term. So before finalizing with the catering company, it’s another point you must keep in mind what menu you want and what will they be able to provide. 

Especially buffet servings or full meal items need a company with the best services because not everyone can handle the same. It would be great to look at the overall menu package to compare prices of all dishes and decide about food items that fall within the budget. You can have a discussion or check reviews of other clients about the best dish being served by the company to decide on the menu.

12. Follow up

Follow-up is a must to check everything is in its place and going smoothly on your big day. After finalizing the deal, you can have the follow-up and every professional company cooperates for the same. However, if they do not cooperate then catch the indication and switch to another one. 

From equipment to material, staff and everything is required to be checked. The way they serve or greet your guests, every single aspect should be on point, and for this follow-up is necessary. 

Even before the event starts or some days before, you can confirm these aspects so that you can eliminate even every small issue. 

Final Thought

These tips will help you know what suit your needs. Compare the services offered by different companies and choose the one that is the best one. Do not forget to follow up to avoid last-minute discrepancies.

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