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Best Places For Sunset in Jaipur That are Truly Spectacular

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Mankind has always been fascinated with sunsets. Sunset Points are the most loved spots of every city as this time the natural colors are at their most glorious. These amazing displays of color attract our attention as we gaze at their beauty. No two sunsets are ever the same, and every sunset spot has its own charm. Pink City gives you a chance to see best places for sunset in Jaipur as it’s beauty is mesmerizing. Its history and its fortspalaces, and temples perched on the top of hills, overlooking the city, are known worldwide.

A glimpse of Jaipur covers a fusion of cultural, architectural, adventurous and enchanting sunset spots for tourists. There are beautiful monuments, rooftops, ramparts and spots where you can wait for the sunset and admire the city is wrapped up by a fantastic light. So where can you go to see the best sunsets in JaipurHere are the best spots with a sunset view in Jaipur:

Nahargarh Fort As Best Places for Sunset in Jaipur

best place for sunset in jaipur
Sunset at Nahargarh Fort

We’ll start with one of the most famous spots of sunset in Jaipur, the Nahargarh Fort. There is just something about a sunset that just makes it worth the wait. There is nothing more iconic than watching the magnificent sight of sunset at Nahargarh Fort. Set on Aravalli mountain ranges, at Nahargarh, there is a sunset point where you can see the sky dipped in breathtaking colors! See the panoramic shot of the pink city captured amidst the backdrop of a beautiful sunset sky. If you want to watch a sunset in style, then there is only one place to be, Jaipur’s incredible Padao Restaurant, of course. The real show will begin when the sun begins to set over the city. Even at night, this place gives you a stunning view of the city.

Surya Mandir

best place for sunset in jaipur
Surya Mandir Sunset View

Beauty lovers of nature can’t afford to miss the astonishing views of sunset point over the heritage cityscape. Watch the sky turning a mesmerizing shade of orange from the vantage point, Sun Temple or Surya Temple. Time it right and you’ll be able to catch incredible pictures as the sun goes down from high in the sky. Reach out to the Galta gate which is the entry point of the famous Galtaji Temple. The same path leads you to the Sun temple. It will take a few minutes to reach Sun Temple. This place has a great flow of visitors both local and foreigners as it is a great sunset spot in Jaipur. The Sun temple offers enchanting sunset views with uninterrupted skyline where time stops and heart beats faster.

Statue Circle

sunset in jaipur
Sunset In Jaipur at Statue Circle

Located at the C scheme in Jaipur, Statue Circle is a major landmark of Jaipur city having a rich history. It’s a memorial of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II. A statue is placed in the center of the park with local motifs and architectural. It’s a well-traveled place for capturing the dying embers, but with good reason, it’s damn glorious. This place attracts people who love to walk on a roundabout. Though it’s not a sunset point, the view of setting sun keeps you glued to it. View the sight of Jaipur during dusk when the sun is just about to sink and there are stunning colors all over the sky.

Birla Mandir

best sunset point in jaipur
Sunset at Birla Mandir

Birla Mandir is another famous for the amazing view of the mountains when the sun sets in the line of mountains. After you enter the temple take the steps down to the road. Turn to the left lane of the road towards the exit of the Birla Mandir. At a corner point, along the walls is the sunset point. As the day comes to an end and the sun starts to set behind it, witness the big beautiful sky here filled with clouds that illuminate in blues and pinks in reds as the sun settles in. The golden-colored mountain peaks carve treasured memories of the Pink City in tourists’ hearts.

Jal Mahal lake

best sunset point in jaipur
Sunset Point At Jal Mahal Fort

A waterfront is an ideal place to catch a glimpse of the sinking sun at its best. Experience the tranquility of the shimmering water and the sun’s rays bend and wind around the Jal Mahal Palace in the lake. It is the best places for sunset in jaipur. Watching the sun set in the night can be a magical experience creating a show beyond words. Get spellbound by the unmatched magnificence of the Jal Mahal palace and the lake around during sunset in Jaipur. Jal Mahal is the ideal spot to head to for sundown, and it can quickly turn an ordinary evening into something rather special. Revel in the sky painted in red, pink, orange and blue and light bouncing off the water at Jal Mahal Lake.

Chandlai lake As Best Place for Sunset in Jaipur

sunset point in jaipur
Sunset At Chandlai Lake

Jaipur is a city one can never get tired of visiting. Its variety of spectacular locations give you a magical experience in your every visit. One of the places far from the hustle-bustle and the highlights of the pink city is  Chandlai lake. Approximately 30 km from Jaipur cityChandlai lake is the best sunset spot. Nothing can be more relaxing than watching the sunset in peaceful isolation. Though many people know about this place as a sunset point, so you will be able to dwell deep in the serenity of the sky colors and beautiful lake around. Don’t miss an opportunity to photograph the sensational sunset at Chandlai Lake with no interruptions.

These are the best Sunset Spots in Jaipur to catch the magical moment when the sun begins to go down. Make sure you get on-time and secure a viewing spot on for optimal selfie-taking and sunset gazing. We guarantee these places will make your travel experience complete with a view of colorful, beautiful and awe-inspiring sunsets. There are many more different spots that offer a beautiful sunset view.