diwali home decoration ideas

10 Amazing Ideas To Decorate Your Home This Diwali


The festival of lights, brightness, and happiness is upon us! Diwali is a festival where Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, is welcomed into the house and so the house is cleaned and decorated for that day. A well-lit, decorated, neat and clean-looking home is always welcoming to the Gods during Diwali. Moreover, it is a festival that brings your close ones together. Everyone heads back home, meet their friends, get-togethers are held and people receive guests in their homes to exchange wishes. Some Diwali decoration ideas will ramp up your spirits and do up your homes beautifully.

Diwali is closing in fast! Each home can smell a lovely aroma of freshly made sweets and bright-coloured paints. So, It is best to start your preparations way ahead of time as there is a lot to do. Cleaning is the number one task that we need to tick off our list before we integrate some home decorating ideas. By now, you might have cleaned the house and cleared out the clutter. So, with all the muck taken away, comes the time to add life to your home, make it brighter and beautiful and get it organized for the festivities.

Home decorating is not just another chore; it’s a form of art, an evolving celebration and an act of creating beauty. We will help you transform your dull house into a dazzling home, with great ideas and suggestions that are less time-consuming. Read on this article for simple diwali decoration ideas and DIY with less effort. So, take out your decor boxes from the attic and get started.

DIY home decor with paper lanterns

Paper Lanterns

One of the best Diwali decoration ideas with handmade paper lanterns tend to attract our attention every time we get a glimpse of them. These beautiful lanterns are also hung from balconies, trees and are arranged as a series of bulbs. You can hang several small lanterns from every window and a larger one outside the front door. You can spot shopkeepers selling lanterns just before the festival; The lanterns come in different shapes and sizes and can look very colorful. Lantern making is one of the most popular craft activities so why don’t you try one this Diwali. Cut down paper bags or old CDs and shape them as per your choice. You can simply punch the paper bags with decorative hole punchers. Bring out the creativity in you and let them flow on these lanterns. You can light some of these paper lanterns and hang them in your garden or porch.

LED light Cups home decoration

paper cup garland

paper cup garland to hang around is a great Diwali decor idea. You might be having some disposable paper cups at your home and buy some diwali lights in wholesale. Wrap them with colorful, glittery papers of your choice or paint them in different designs. Once it’s done, make a mark on the bottom of the cups, and cut it with a knife. This will be the hole where your light bulbs poke through, so keep it small to prevent the paper cups from slipping off. Slip the light bulbs to the bottom of each paper cup. Do this until you cover the whole length of the garland. Remember to use LED lights instead of fairy lights, as fairy lights get hot quickly and can catch fire.

Colourful Rangolis as home decoration


Making rangoli is another auspicious ritual of Diwali. Rangoli is usually made on the floor just at the entrance of the house and in the puja area. This is the most beautiful traditional Diwali decoration, which fascinates every visitor and enhances the beauty of your decorRangoli is a beautiful pattern made with colored powders. These can also be made by using some mild paint that brings out the inner artist in you. Get started by buying some rangoli color powder and stencils Begin with tracing beautiful designs at the entrance and along the walls of your house. Place candles or diyas, around them. The common Rangoli themes are Mangal Kalash, lotus flower, peacocks, Goddess Laxmi’s footsteps, Om, Swastik, lighted Deepak, etc.

Fairy Light Jars & Bottles

LED Lights In Bottles

This is the time of the year when you can use all those crapempty glass jars, and old liquor bottles to create exquisite decorative pieces. Put some fairy lights or a bunch of led lights and place inside them to instantly light up your space. You can use laces and ribbons of different designs and colors around the bottle or jar providing them a distinct look. You can also keep a candle or a few stubs inside it and lit it. It is an elegant Diwali decoration.

You can paint the jars using acrylic paint and unleash your inner artist. Fairy lights always make your house look brighter and prettier. There are a few areas in our house where they are not much of the regular lighting. You can leave on the fairy lights in bottles or jars in those nooks and corners. Don’t miss out on any area of your home to light up even the garden. It’s one of the most elegant Diwali decorating ideas for living room that are easy and affordable.

Flower Home Decoration

Flower Decoration In Diwali

Decoration with flowers creates visual bliss. Flowers are the best Diwali home decoration items. It can be done at entrances with making Torans out of them. They can be wrapped on stair railings, and also when set up like a Rangoli. It looks colourful, lovely and easy to convert them into aesthetic designs. They can also be placed in a tall vase. Combine them with fairy lights and primp your home decor. Think out of the box and create a beautiful floral centrepiece or redo your Puja Area with flower garlands. You can also create amazing flower chandeliers and take the festive level notch up.

Aromatic candles

Aromatic Candles as Diwali Decoration

What smells good, feels good and creates a good impression. The aromatic candles are highly decorated inside the house as well as outside on the fences of balconies. These exotic candles are readily available for sale at this time of the year. These charming candles are available in different aromas, designs, and crystal or gemstone embedded ones at the local markets. They not only give a great look to the room, but provide a fragrant feel to the visitors.

Hand-painted Diyas

Painted Diyas

Diwali Diyas play a prominent role in the decorations. Deepavali means a row of lamps and is symbolic of the lighting that is integral to the festival. The special Diwali Diyas made from clay-oil are lit and arranged in rows adding great charm to the celebration. It is believed that the special arrangements of these diyas bring blessings and prosperity. Decorate the plain diyas and turn them into something lively and festive. You can paint diyas with bright colors and decorate them with golden or silver liners, tiny, shiny beads, mirrors and sequins in traditional style. Diya decorating is nowadays one of the favorite activities for both children as well as adults. Lighting small diyas and placing them on windowsills all around the house can make your house look very captivating.

Torans As Diwali Home Decoration Ideas

diwali home decoration ideas
Toran For Diwali

Hanging a Toran is one of the most important rituals of Diwali. You can either buy them from the market or create your own to tie on the wall above the doors. You can choose from the wide array of plastic torans that is available in shops at this time of the year. But the DIY paper toran will look better than plastic torans. You can create them with real or artificial flowers. You can either buy individual fresh flowers and string them together in a garland or you can use make toran on your own with crepe paper.

The paper toran will last longer with gives a bright and attractive look making the area stand out. Create your toran, making use of vibrant color crepe papers, wrap and tie them in unique designs. You can also hang pearls in between them, stick Kundan on them or tie gold bells at each end to make it more beautiful. This will give an interesting effect to the entrance of your home or Puja room. The DIY toran will be useful in other festivals even after Diwali is over.

Fabric Decor As Diwali Home Decoration Ideas

diwali home decoration ideas
Fabric Decor

All of you must be having some not in use old and beautiful sarees or dupattas with decorative work like mirror embellishments and pretty beadwork on them. You can hang them from your roof or balconies giving it a canopy look. You can also use a neatly hemmed up square of ‘Bandhani‘ or brocade cloth piece for a backdrop on the wall to add some ethnic charm to the arrangement. Use traditional Indian fabric and Indian designs all over the room. You can use these fabrics for creating traditional cushion covers to highlights the whole decor of your living room. Colorful embellished dupattas or sarees will give your home a contemporary look in a seamless way by reviving festive customs and old-fashioned ideas for glamming up your home! Additionally, you can create an Indian corner with a few traditional Indian items or Ganesha idol placed upon a colorful rug.

Floating illumination

diwali home decoration ideas
Floating Candles or Diyas

Dig out your discarded brass and copper utensils, quaint ‘matkas’ or even platters that you can polish up. Spruce them up using some elbow grease, soft cloth, and metal shine powder. Place these aesthetically in a circular, semi-arched or a beautiful pattern in hall, living room or at the base of a stairway, if your home has one. Fill these with water, float multi-colored flower petals or floating candles in the center of each and you are sure to welcome guests. 

Floating candles are available in the markets in different shapes and styles. This is one of the best diwali home decoration ideas 2022. You can also use glass pots and fill them with colored water and mini tea lights or floating candles. You can also add a touch of silver or gold dust to the floating flower petals. These give an eye-catching accent to any social area in the home.

And there you are! A sparkling house, ready for the upcoming festival and celebrate its beauty. There is so much one can do! A little bit of imagination and a whole lot of madness. Also, Find Dresses To Wear This Diwali. We are sure you can have a great time decorating your home. Announce the coming of prosperity, love, and fortune with these Diwali home decoration ideas 2022.