diwali in jaipur

Diwali celebrations In Jaipur: A Grand Festival Worth Missing!


Jaipur is famous as one of the best places to celebrate Diwali in India. At this time of the year, the Pink City is all set with its scintillating decorations. The city is full of enthusiasm to welcome the visitors. Diwali celebrations in Jaipur wields the utmost importance. This is because of the fact that the Royals of Jaipur consider themselves as descendants of Lord Rama’s son Kusha. Hence, Jaipur celebrates Diwali with full pomp and gaiety.

Why is Diwali celebrated?

diwali in jaipur

Diwali falls in the last quarter of the year that is in October or November. It is a significant religious festival of Hindus that commemorates the victory of good over evil. This five-day festival marks the return of Lord Ram, his brother and his wife Sita to Ayodhya from a 14 year-long exile. During his exile, Lord Ram defeated the demon Ravana and rescued Sita from his evil clutches, and returned to his kingdom. His victory over Ravana raised the belief that in the end, good always triumphs over evil.

It symbolizes the transcendence of light over darkness. So, to celebrate their homecoming and display the joy and happiness, people of Ayodhya lit diyas and decorated the whole city. Since then, the tradition of lighting diyas continued as a custom. Being one of the best places to celebrate Diwali in India, Jaipur on this day is scintillating from every nook and corner. 

How is Diwali celebrated?

diwali celebration in jaipur

The five-day festival is the biggest carnival of the year. All the days have their own significance and customs for Diwali celebrations in Jaipur Have a look:


Dhanteras festival

The first day of the five-day festival is Dhanteras that comes two days before Diwali. It is considered as the day of wealth. On this auspicious day, people of Jaipur decorate their homes, wear new clothes, buy utensils, vehicles, and jewellery as a custom.

Choti Diwali

The second day, known as Narak-Chaturdashi or Roop Chaturdashi or Choti Diwali commemorates the triumph of Lord Krishna over the demon Narakasura, the demon of filth and freed mankind from his reign of fear. This day people get up early in the morning and it is customary to take a bath with a scrub made from a thick mixture of gram flour and fragrant essential oils.

Badi Diwali

The third day of Diwali falls on Amavasya and is the most important day of celebrations. It is the day of Lakshmi Puja. The doorways to all homes are lit on this night and illuminates with beautiful decor to greet goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and opulence. Therefore, this day marks the lighting diyas, Lakshmi puja, eating of sweets, bursting of firecrackers along with exchanging Diwali gifts and wishes to dear ones.

Govardhan Puja

The fourth day marks the Puja of Govardhan Parvat. On this day Lord Krishna defeated Indra. Annakut is prepared and offered to Lord Krishna as gratitude. People prepare dishes like Gatte ki sabzi, kadi, Rice, Pearl Millet Khichdi, Mung Beans, Churma, Pakodi, Pua at homes and temples.

Bhai Dooj

The last day, Bhai Dooj is a day especially for sisters. Similar to Raksha Bandhan this day marks the recognition of the love between brothers and sisters. On this day sisters and daughters invite their brothers for a feast at their home, prepare beloved dishes for them and pray for their longevity, well-being, and prosperity. Brothers give gifts to their sisters and pray for their happiness.

Diwali celebrations in Jaipur

The bazaars get all geared up for the Diwali celebrations in Jaipur. The markets are at the full form with decorations, designing and lighting work going on.

Several places gleam with different themes for Diwali in Jaipur. There has been a noticeable rush in the markets for shopping at Tripolia Bazar, Hawa Mahal Bazar, Mansarovar, VT road, and Chandpole market. These are places you must visit in Jaipur during Diwali Festival.

This year, the Diwali decorations will be done for seven days. A distinct decoration will be seen in the markets of Jaipur. The walled market will be seen decorated with LED lights. Chandpole Bazar and Kishanpole Bazar will spread patriotic vibes with the theme of Independence. The market will be adorned with the Tricolor lighting as this is the 75th Year Of Independence. 

diwali in jaipur
diwali in jaipur

Total Six gates would be built in the markets. Four gates will be at Panch Batti Chouraha, one gate will be at Ajmeri gate while one will be built at Government Hostel. An attractive entrance gate with a statue of Hawa Mahal will also be seen.

diwali in jaipur
diwali celebration in jaipur
diwali in jaipur

Perhaps you can make a trip to vouch for Diwali celebrations in Jaipur. You will surely experience this festival of lights in a grand way. You will witness the breathtaking views of the city at Nahargarh fort, Jal Mahal lake and Jaipur local bazaars. The city decorated beautifully with fancy colorful lights is definitely worth visiting.

Jaipur Stuff Wishes You a Very Happy and Prosperous Diwali!!!