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12 Best coworking spaces in Jaipur to fuel your creativity

Coworking spaces have gained popularity, offering a flexible and pooled work setting for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers. Know about the coworking spaces in Jaipur that cater to different needs and perspectives.


Feeling the work-from-home blues? Tired of working from your PJs? Craving a space that sparks creativity and boosts productivity? Jaipur’s coworking scene is here to rescue you. The booming coworking scene in Jaipur offers a vibrant alternative to the traditional office grind. Imagine escaping the isolation of working from home, surrounded by other hustlers and go-getters! Sounds appealing? Then this blog is for you! We’ll explore the best coworking spaces in Jaipur, each catering to all types of professionals. 

What is a coworking space? 

Coworking spaces are usually open environments where independent workers pay for the space or more precisely can rent a desk or meeting room for temporary use. These spaces are perfect for freelancers and entrepreneurs who don’t need a permanent office. They offer a professional setting with all the equipment you need for meetings and conferences, without the commitment of a traditional lease.

Who can benefit from coworking spaces?

Coworking spaces are the best solution for freelancers and those working from home who find their productivity is affected unless they’re in a structured environment that’s exclusively for work. Not just limited to remote workers, Coworking appeal has since grown to become a global trend among businesses of all sizes. 

  • People who miss the office: If you’re a remote worker craving a dedicated workspace outside your home, coworking spaces offer a professional environment to ditch the pajamas.
  • Traveling professionals: Travelers who are on a business trip but need a place to focus, Coworking spaces provide a temporary office on the go.
  • Freelancers seeking community: Freelancers can find collaboration opportunities, network with like-minded individuals, and enjoy the perks of a shared space.
  • Cost-conscious small businesses: Coworking spaces allow small businesses to keep costs down and scale up or down easily.
  • Scalable solution for startups: Startups can find space that grows with their team, so they’re not locked into a traditional lease.
  • Change of scenery for traditional workers: Want to escape the home office rut? Coworking spaces offer an inspiring change of pace for those used to a corporate environment.
  • Workforce flexibility for large companies: Companies with traveling employees can leverage coworking spaces for temporary work arrangements
  • Project-based teams: Corporations can utilize coworking spaces for short-term projects without the commitment of a permanent office.

As Jaipur is a growing business market and a hub of multinational and IT companies in Jaipur, there is a significant rise in innovative and productive coworking spaces in the city.

Top coworking spaces in Jaipur 

Jaipur’s coworking spaces offer a refreshing alternative to work-from-home scenes! Whether you crave a quiet corner to focus or a social atmosphere to spark connections, these coworking spaces in Jaipur are a perfect fit for a productive and inspiring work experience.

The Maker’s Space 

The Makers Space isn’t just a workspace; it’s a creative sanctuary. This artistically crafted co-working spot in Lal Kothi caters to freelancers and go-getters who crave a dedicated work zone without the commitment of a private office. It boasts a lively atmosphere ideal for sparking inspiration and collaboration to breathe new life into your workdays. Plus, they host workshops and events to help you network with other creative minds.

Amenities: Library, Eatery, Coffee and Tea Bar, Event Space, Concierge Services, Meeting and Conference Rooms, Lockable Storage Facility, Round the Clock Security 

Ideal For: Startups, MSMEs, Independent Working Professionals, Artists, Consultants, Writers, Bloggers, Photographers 

Pricing: Starts from Rs. 2200

Address: 2nd Floor, C24-A, Pankaj Singhvi Marg, Satya Vihar, Indra Puri, Vidhayak Nagar, Lalkothi, Jaipur

Contact: 096605 22539

Collabo corner

Collabo Corner located in the Civil Lines of Jaipur, provides coworking space perfect for small teams or individuals who need a quiet and focused work environment. This workspace isn’t just functional, it’s fabulous. With sleek design, luxurious touches, and comfortable furniture, it creates an inspiring and upscale environment. Plus, the friendly and professional staff are there to ensure everything runs smoothly. Whether you choose a dedicated desk or a flexible option, membership grants you access to a wealth of amenities, valuable networking opportunities, and the tools you need to thrive.

Amenities: Printer Services, High Speed WiFi, Breakout Zones, Mail and Package Handling, Office Assistant, Security   

Ideal For: Corporates, Artists, Media Professionals, Writers, Consultants, Startups, Entrepreneurs 

Pricing: Starts from Rs. 3000

Address: A-3 Ganpati Enclave, Golden Heritage 6, Madrampur, Ganpati Nagar, Civil Lines, Jaipur

Contact: 080943 01857

39 Work labs

Want a workspace that is inspiring and productive, 39 Worklabs is a newly opened co-working space in Jaipur offering professional settings to enhance your concentration and drive. It is the coworking space where there is room for everyone to succeed. They not only inspire you with their comfortable workspaces but also nourish you in every way possible to unlock your limitless potential. Their in-house chef takes care of your cravings with gourmet food offerings. Plus, they are open 24/7 so you can work as per your schedule or whenever your inspiration strikes

Amenities: Private Offices, personal cubicle, WiFi, Printing, Parking, Open Seating, open garden, ergonomic furniture, in-house chef, in-house kitchen, 

Ideal For: Startup Entrepreneurs, Remote workers, Small teams, Freelancers

Pricing: On request

Address: 39, Pankaj Singhvi Marg, Everest Colony, Vidhayak Nagar, Lalkothi, Jaipur

Contact: 092577 62325

WaveX Cowork  

Craving a breathtaking cityscape view while you work? WaveX Cowork has you covered. Perched on a high floor, this upscale coworking space offers panoramic views alongside a modern atmosphere. Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or established business, WaveX caters to a diverse clientele. They provide a variety of workspaces to suit your needs, from collaborative team areas to quiet zones for focused work. Choose from their hot desks, dedicated desks, or private cabins to match your ideal requirements. Plus, stay fueled all day with their unlimited tea and coffee. And to top it off, their friendly staff ensures a truly exceptional coworking experience.

Amenities: Cafeteria, Lounge Area, Corporate room, Event room, Meeting room, Training Room, WiFi, Car parking, Power backup, Air conditioning, 24/7 security, CCTV, Video conferencing capabilities, printer & scanner, refrigerator, and reception

Ideal For: New-age businesses and Young entrepreneurs

Pricing: Starts from 8499

Address: Airport Plaza, Plot No. 15, 1st & 2nd floor, Tonk Rd, next to Cocoon Hospital, Jaipur

Contact: 098887 77796


Nimble goes beyond just a coworking space; it’s a springboard for your business growth. They provide a premium workspace with amenities like a dedicated internet line, endless gourmet coffee, and top-notch comfort to fuel your professional success. But it’s not just about the space; Nimble fosters a collaborative and networking atmosphere. They even offer support with legal, tax, and investor connections, making them a perfect fit for startups and entrepreneurs on the rise. Freelancers, startups, and small businesses can all thrive here, working together to solve problems and drive innovation. 

Amenities: Zoned Central air conditioners, WiFi, Power Back-up, free coffee, Private Drawers & Lockers, print and scanning station, 24×7 security personnel & onsite CCTV cameras, ergonomic chairs, solid wood furniture and lounge areas

Ideal For: Freelancers, Startups and small businesses 

Pricing: On request

Address: 2nd Floor, Anand Bhawan, Sansar Chand Road, Mirza Ismail Rd, Intersection, Jaipur

Contact: 098111 30099

Art buzz Studios

ArtBuzz Jaipur isn’t your average co-working space. It’s a creative hub designed for artists, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads to work, create and collaborate. They provide well-lit, spacious studios with top-notch art supplies, fostering an atmosphere that ignites inspiration. Whether you’re a painter, a coder, or a freelancer with a big idea, ArtBuzz offers an affordable, flexible workspace to collaborate with like-minded individuals and make your creative dreams a reality. It’s the perfect place to let your imagination loose and take your work to the next level.

Amenities: 2-wheeler parking, 4-wheeler parking, Wifi, Tea, Coffee, Water, Chairs & Desks, Separate Washroom, Pantry Area, Meeting Rooms, Air Conditioners, Charging, Power Backup, Fire Extinguisher, Security Personnel, First Aid Kit

Ideal For: Freelancers, entrepreneurs, Artists, small teams

Pricing: Starts from Rs. 5499

Address: Plot No- 72A, Suraj Nagar East, Suraj Nagar, Civil Lines, Jaipur

Contact: 919971080044

Suits Coworking

Suits is popular for its blended coworking model which merges the ambience of an ergonomic coworking space and a roadside café. This unique space is perfect for those with an artistic, creative and unconventional bent of mind. With trendy interiors usually combined with motivational quotes scribbled on the walls, unlimited free coffee and ergonomic furniture it is one of the most dynamic coworking spaces in Jaipur. Along with the standard amenities provided in a coworking space, Suits also has a free pickup drop facility from the Mansarovar Metro Station in Jaipur specially for its coworkers!  

Amenities: High Speed Internet, Complimentary Refreshments, Printer, Scanner, Photocopier

Ideal For: Creative Professionals, Freelancers, Writers, Media Professionals, Photographers, Designers, Startups, Entrepreneurs 

Pricing: Starts from Rs.500 

Address: 34/6, Kiran Path, Mansarovar Sector 3, Mansarovar, Jaipur

Contact: 0141 298 2212


Cowocoli offers a distinguished co-working experience across four locations in Jaipur. Their professionally designed workspaces boast a unique blend of classic, heritage-inspired furniture and modern amenities. Choose from open areas, private cabins, meeting rooms, or relaxation zones to suit your needs. Their high-tech conference rooms are perfect for presentations, meetings, or team discussions. But Cowocoli goes beyond just space; they foster a vibrant community. From meetups to discuss business trends to exciting events like game nights and hackathons, there’s something for everyone.

Amenities: High Speed Internet, Café, Unlimited Tea and Coffee, 24*7 Accessibility, Printer, Security, Conference Rooms, Gaming Zones 

Ideal For: Freelancers, Remotely Working Professionals, Small Business Teams, Startups, Entrepreneurs

Pricing: Starts from Rs. 3800

Address: 2nd Floor, F-21, Tonk Rd, Madhuban Colony, Barkat Nagar, Tonk Phatak, Jaipur

Contact: 095715 04414


Qbicle, a sleek coworking space in Jaipur, caters specifically to the needs of startups and growing businesses. They offer hassle-free, fully furnished, and adaptable workspace solutions, eliminating the headaches of office management. Top-notch security is ensured with biometric access and dedicated security personnel on-site. Plus, the convenient location near public transportation, banks, ATMs, restaurants, and cafes makes Qbicle a truly attractive choice for businesses seeking the best coworking spaces in Jaipur.

Amenities: Video Conference Room, Breakout Zones, Meeting Rooms, Power Backup, Biometric Access, CCTV Surveillance 

Ideal For: Startups, Entrepreneurs, Creative Professionals Corporates, Small Sized Teams, Designers, Writers, Bloggers 

Pricing: Starts from Rs.4999 per desk

Address: Plot No.6, 3rd Floor, Chase Tower, Gopalpura Bypass Rd, Rajiv Vihar Colony, Jaipur

Contact: 9602078759


DevX is one of India’s largest coworking spaces. Their Jaipur location sets the bar high for modern work environments. They provide a beautiful workspace designed with ergonomics in mind, to keep you comfortable and productive. Beyond the aesthetics, DevX offers a wealth of free extras, from beverages and meeting rooms to printing and scanning. They also host events to foster collaboration and networking among their members. Plus, with a smart IT infrastructure and RFID access control, you can work securely and efficiently.

Amenities: Startup Accelerator, Makerspace, 3D Printer & Scanner, Standing Desks, Day Care & Gym, Skype Room & Phone Booths, Cafeteria & Event Space, Auditorium, Conference & Board Rooms, Library, Parking Facility, Game Room, 24*7 Security, Free Tea & Coffee, High-speed Internet.

Ideal For: Large Enterprises, SMEs, Startups, Freelancers, Cinematography, Events

Pricing: Starts from Rs. 8499

Address: 8th floor, Mall of, Gandhi Path W, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur

Contact: 74348 83388

Mr. Cowork

If you’re a startup or growing business looking for a cool and productive workspace, Mr. Cowork in Jaipur might be a perfect fit. They offer a variety of coworking options, from dedicated desks to meeting rooms, all decked out with modern amenities and stylish furniture. Their unique workspace design, with state-of-the-art furniture and cutting-edge art on the walls, is meant to boost your focus and creativity. Plus, the location in Vaishali Nagar is close to restaurants and other business essentials, making it super convenient.

Amenities: Storage Lockers, Power Backup, Personal Lockers, Meeting Room, Waiting Area, Pantry, Reception, Security 

Ideal For: Independent Professionals, Small Business Teams, Startups, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Writers, Developers, Designers  

Pricing: Starts from Rs. 3999

Address: Basement, 9/132, Hari Marg, Chitrakooot, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur 

Contact: 7790887799, 9680545153

Urban Excubator

Urban Excubator in Jaipur is a coworking space that welcomes all kinds of professionals, regardless of their background or company. It’s more than just a place to work; it’s a hub for startups and entrepreneurs to develop their ideas, network, and grow their businesses. They provide workspace alongside resources like mentors, workshops, business talks, and more. Essentially, it’s a two-in-one deal: a coworking space and a startup incubator that fosters the growth of all types of new ventures.

Amenities: Standing Desks, Lounge Area, Outdoor Terrace, Skype Room, Personal Lockers, Library, Gaming Zone 

Ideal For: Small Business Teams, Startups, Independently Working Professionals, Entrepreneurs

Pricing: Starts from Rs. 5000

Address: 147, Tonk Road Mahaveer Nagar 1st, Durgapura Railway Station Ram Mandir Marg, Tonk Rd, Jaipur

Contact: 097990 90265, (0141) 4012-932

With so many fantastic options available, the best coworking space for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Consider factors like location, amenities, pricing, and community atmosphere when making your decision. Most coworking spaces in Jaipur offer day passes or tours, so take advantage of these options to try out a few spaces before committing. So ditch the isolation, embrace the community, and find your perfect workspace to unlock a vibrant work experience in Jaipur! 

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