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From the arresting forts and palatial palaces to gorgeous gardens, traditional festivals and lively bazaars, Jaipur is suffused with famous temples which date back to ancient times. The adornment in these traditional temples is one of Jaipur’s primary artistic legacies. These temples also attract pilgrims and devotees towards its sheer architectural beauty and mythological significance. These temples are a saga of the religious faith and belief of the people of Jaipur. Visiting these temples will be a fascinating journey into the realm of faith and belief. You can find spectacular holy shrines in every part of Jaipur. Listed are the highly praised and worshiped heritage temples in Jaipur.

Galtaji Temple

Situated amidst two hills in the middle of the forest area, GaltaJi Temple is a pilgrimage dated back from ancient times. It is one of the oldest temples in jaipur. Galtaji is named after Saint Rishi Galav as he used to perform penance here for nearly a century. His shrine is still present here. This abode of god has a series of the temple including Galtaji temple. It has a natural spring and seven sacred water pools or kunds in this temple. Water from the natural spring comes out of a Gou Mukh and flows down to these seven kunds. Galta Kund is considered the holiest kund among them because this never dries up. This temple of Sita Ram holds much interest for its architectural and landscape location. Visitors from all around come here to perform a holy bath dipping in the kund to wash away their sins. The other enticement of this temple is the group of monkeys witnessed in and around this temple. Due to the presence of numbers of monkeys, it is also called the monkey temple. You can also feed the monkeys as they are often playful and friendly. This temple was even featured on National Geographic for the film series on the monkeys of Galtaji depicting their story.

Location: Shri Galta Peetham, Galva Ashram, Jaipur

Timings: 05:00 am to 09:00 pm every day

How to Reach: This temple is 10 km away from Jaipur can be reached through NH 248 via any local transport.

Sindhi Camp Bus Stand (11.3 Kms)

Jaipur Railway Station (13 Kms)

Jaipur International Airport (16.6 Kms)

Temples in jaipur

Garh Ganesh

Garh Ganesh is a historical temple situated on a hill name kadamb dungri near Nahargarh hill. Built according to the Vastu Shastra at the border of the city it overlooks the Jaipur city and Nahargarh Fort. Around 300 years old, this temple is devoted to Hindu deity Lord Ganesha. By name, Garh Ganesh means Ganesh of the fort. This place is also known by Neher ke Ganesh Ji and is the oldest temple in Jaipur. This is the only temple where Ganesha is worshipped in his child form without his trunk. Maharaja Sawai Man Singh constructed this temple, even before the foundation of Jaipur. He placed the statue in such a way that it remains visible from Chandra Mahal of City Palace and almost every part of the city. There are 365 stairs to the temple each representing the 365 days of the year. A huge fair is organized here every year at Ganesh Chaturthi and a religious procession is held. Hundreds of devotees visit this temple during this time of the year.

Location: Brahampuri, Jaipur

Timings: 07:30 am to 12:00 pm and 04:00 pm to 09:00 pm; every day

How to reach: Situated adjacent to the walled city of Jaipur, this temple could be reached only by trekking 500 meters.

Jaipur International Airport (14.8 Km)

Sindhi Camp Bus Stand (5.8 Kms)

Jaipur Railway Station (4.9 Kms)

Temples in jaipur

Birla Mandir

If you ask any local resident of the city to give you a list of temples in Jaipur that are worth visiting, you will definitely come across Birla Temple. Created by the renowned Birla industries in 1988, Birla temple is considered as a blessing to the city of Jaipur. It is devoted to Lord Krishna and his consort Goddess Laxmi and hence is also known as Laxmi Narayan Temple. Made of white marble stone this resplendent structure is one of the alluring temples of the city with architectural excellence. Birla Mandir Jaipur is an image of serenity as is surrounded by beautiful lush green lawns, fine carvings, and mythological stories. This temple consists of three huge domes and the depiction of the Hindu scriptures on stained glass windows. The walls of this magnificent temple are carved with scenes and quotes from the Bhagavad Gita. The beauty of this temple not only brings a visual treat, but also gives a feeling of relaxation. When sun rays reflect on it or when the moon rays fall on it, this temple is a treat to the eyes.

Location: Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg, Tilak Nagar, Jaipur

Timings: 08:00 am to 12:00 pm and 04:00 pm to 08:00 pm every day

How to Reach: Stands at the foot of Moti Dungri Hill this temple is located in the busiest area of Jaipur and can be reached very easily.

Sindhi Camp Bus Stand, Jaipur (6.2 Kms)

Jaipur Railway Station (5 km)

Jaipur International Airport (8.2 km)

Metro Station (Civil Lines, Metro Station 4.7 km)

Temples in jaipur

Shila Devi Mandir

Shila Devi Mandir is one of the major tourist attractions in Jaipur. The temple is located inside Amer Fort in Jaipur and goddess Durga is worshipped here in the form of kali.  The legends state that Maharaja Man Singh got defeated by King Kedar, he turned towards Mata Kaali for her blessings. His prayers got answered soon in his dreams when the goddess appeared. She asked for a promise to build her shrine in his Fort after recovering her statue lying beneath the sea near Jessore. For the promise given the goddess blessed the Maharaja with victory in the forthcoming battle. The idol of Kali was recovered in a form of a slab (Shila) and was taken to Amer fort where it became famous as Shila Devi. This is how the Shila Devi temple came into existence. Hence, the temple was named Shila Devi Mandir. The doors of the temple are done with beautiful silver work and one can see the intricate stone carving work in the temple. Every year festival of Navratri is celebrated grandly in the Shila Devi temple for all nine days. Millions of devotees from Jaipur and all over India come here to offer prayers and seek blessings.

Location: Amer Fort, Jaipur

Timings: 06:00 am to 12:00 pm and 04:00 pm to 08:00 pm every day

How to Reach: It is situated around 12 kilometers away from Jaipur, a bit far away from the other attractions in the city.

Sindhi Camp Bus Stand, Jaipur (6.2 Kms)

Jaipur Railway Station (5 kms)

Jaipur International Airport (22.9 km)

Temples in jaipur

Govind Devji Temple

This temple is a famous temple of Lord Krishna in Jaipur. Govind is another name of Lord Krishna, and hence the name of the temple. Situated in the premises of the City Palace, construction of this temple dates back to 1890 and showcases the brilliant architecture of red sandstone. The idol was brought to this temple from Vrindavan by Raja Sawai Jai Singh II, the founder of Jaipur city. It is believed that the idol was carved by Bajranath, the great-grandson of Lord Krishna, and it resembles the face of the deity. This is why the holy image of Govind Devji is also called Bajrakrit which means created by Bajranath. As per the legendary stories, the statue of Lord Krishna in this temple was resided in Vrindavan earlier and is believed to be one of the seven temples of Lord Krishna of Vrindavan. Raja Sawai Jai Singh dreamt of Govind Devji asking him to bring that statue from Vrindavan to Jaipur. He followed that dream and carried the idol to Jaipur. On Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna, this temple is visited by devotees in large numbers from near and far.

Location: City Palace, Jaipur

Timings: 04:30 am to 11:30 am and 05:45 pm to 09:30 pm every day

How to reach: The temple is located in Jai Niwas garden of the Jaleb Chowk in the city palace complex.

Sindhi Camp Bus Stand (3.2 kms)

Jaipur Railway Station (5.7 kms)

Jaipur International Airport (12.5 kms)

Temples in jaipur

Moti Doongri Temple

This temple sits atop a hill and derived its name from a Moti Doongri fort located on the same hill. Moti Dungri Temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. The idol of the Moti Dungri temple was about 500 years old when it was brought in 1761 from Gujarat by Maharaja Madho Singh of Udaipur. The supervision of the construction of the temple was under Seth Jai Ram Pallival. The uniqueness of this idol is that the trunk of Ganesha is turned towards the right instead of being turned towards the left. It is not just a religious attraction, but a tourist destination as well. A large crowd of devotees is attracted to this temple. This is a must visit place as the structure of this temple resembles a Scottish castle. Every Jaipurite comes here to seek the blessing at every small and big occasion in their life. Be it starting a new married life, bringing a new vehicle, starting a new business everything starts after the worship of Lord Ganesha at Moti Doongri temple in Jaipur.

Location: Moti Doongri Road, Tilak Nagar, Jaipur

Timings: 05:30 am to 01:30 pm and 04:30 pm to 09:00 pm; every day

How to reach: Situated 6 km away from Jaipur on JLN Marg, the main temple is built just below Moti Dungri Fort and adjacent to Birla Mandir.

Jaipur International Airport (8 Kilometers)

Sindhi Camp Bus Stand (6 Kilometers)

Jaipur Railway Station (4.8 Kilometers)

Civil Lines Metro Station (4.6 Kilometers)

Temples in jaipur

Sun temple

The Pink city, Jaipur has various temples but this temple has gained too much attention for being a breath-taking sunset point of Jaipur. The Sun Temple is away from the city life, situated on a 100 meters high on the peak of Aravali hills. This Hindu shrine from the 18th century, honors the God Sun or Surya. This temple is visited more for its scenic reason than the religious ones as it is a unique beauty with attractive architecture. This place offers you the view of the whole Jaipur city that you can see every famous monument from here. Being one of the most scenic places in Jaipur it draws numerous tourists to witness its mesmerizing beauty. Evening time is the best to visit this shrine. As the sun starts to sink in the evening, the whole city gets soaked in the fading orange light. It is an absolute delight to witness this scene from the Sun Temple.

Location: Galta Gate, Lal Dungri, Jaipur

Timings: 05:00 am to 09:00 pm; every day

How to Reach: It is located on a hill and inside the GaltaJi Temple complex. You can reach here easily by the traffic freeway and narrow lanes.

Sindhi Camp Bus Stand, Jaipur (6.2 Kms)

Jaipur Railway Station (5 km)

Jaipur International Airport (17.6 kms)

Temples in jaipur

Akshardham Temple

Akshardham Temple is popular for its beautifully carved temple which is a fusion of architecture and culture. This temple is the abode of the Hindu Lord Narayana. The temple also consists of two small shrines that honor the idol of Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna, and Shiva Parvati. Though this temple is not an ancient temple and is constructed in recent years, it has been a popular tourist attraction. Being surrounded by nature, this serene place offers visitors a positive aura, visual relief and calms the soul. The tourists feel attracted to this magnificent structure, its majestic carvings, and splendid sculptures. This temple never fails to amaze with its main idol of Lord Narayana. The walls here are covered with holy depicts, slogans, mantras, scriptures, and paintings. Akshardham is one of the most visited heritage temples in Jaipur.

Location: Vidyut Nagar Vaishali Nagar, Chitrakoot, Jaipur

Timings: 07:30 am to 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm to 08:15 pm; except Monday

How to reach: Located in Vaishali Nagar, 6.5 km away from the railway station of Jaipur.

Sindhi Camp Bus Stand, Jaipur (6.2 Kms)

Jaipur Railway Station (5 kms)

Jaipur International Airport (13.4 Km)

Temples in jaipur

Kalki Temple

Sawai Jai Singh II built this temple in the 18th century. This is the only temple in the world dedicated to Kalki. There are various tales associated with this shrine. Kalki temple is dedicated to the tenth Avatar of Lord Vishnu. This avatar is still to be incarnated. One of the legendary tale states that, at the entrance, there is a marble sculpture of Devdutta horse, Kalki’s mount. The statue bears a crack in its rear left leg. It is said that the day this crack heels, Lord Vishnu will descend on earth to end this Kalyug. His tenth avatar will incarnate only that day. The devotees and the priests claim that this crack has been healing over many years. Made out of white marbles and red stones, the temple with yellow stone Kalash contains two domes and astonishing architecture which makes it unique. The Kalash of this temple can be seen from the main market of Hawa Mahal. This temple marks a place in your must-visit heritage temples in Jaipur.

Location: Tulsi Marg, Badi Chaupar, Jaipur

Timings: Morning to evening

How to Reach: It is located just opposite the main entrance of the city palace. The pink city is easily accessed from anywhere in the Jaipur.

Sindhi Camp Bus Stand, Jaipur (6.2 Kms)

Jaipur Railway Station (5 km)

Jaipur International Airport (12.5 kms)

Temples in jaipur

Kale Hanuman Ji Mandir

This temple is a famous deity of Lord Hanuman -the Monkey-God, well- known for his faithfulness to Lord Rama. You always have come across the orange and red colored idols of Lord Hanuman. This temple has a rare idol of Hanuman Ji in black which makes it a must-visit heritage temple in Jaipur. That is why it is named Kale Hanuman Ji. The temple was built 1000 years back which adds to its unique charm. There is a very interesting story attached to why the idol is in black color. The story is that when Lord Hanuman asked the god of the Sun on reward, he was asked to bring the son of god, Shanidev to him. So in a quest to bring his son back, Shanidev attacked him which turned him black. Even after being attacked, Hanuman brought Shanidev to his father. God of the sun was impressed by the deed of Hanuman and rewarded him. The temple has famed for its popularity as well as its traditions. It is visited by many pilgrims throughout the day. This place gets extremely crowded on Saturdays.

Location: Amer Road, Chandi Ki Taksal, Janta Market, Jaipur

Timings: 05:00 am to 09:00 pm; every day

How to reach: It is located near Hawa Mahal and you can easily get local transports to reach here.

Sindhi Camp Bus Stand, Jaipur (6.2 Kms)

Jaipur Railway Station (5 km)

Jaipur International Airport (12.9 kms)

Each of these heritage temples has a different history and a story attached to them, which reflect the glorious past and rich culture of Jaipur. This is what makes them so elegant and beautiful. Take the road less traveled and get spiritually awakened by visiting these heritage temples of Jaipur.

Temples in jaipur
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