A grand archway ready for inauguration at Jawahar Circle

A newly built 104 m. long, 34.1 feet high archway is ready to welcome tourists at Jawahar Circle. This white marble archway represents the heritage of the Pink City.


The city is soon going to get the gift of an archway made of white marble at Jawahar Circle. This gate built in heritage look will not only welcome the tourists but will also connect the city residents with their heritage. It took about two years to be ready. 

It is noteworthy that Anup Bartariya, the architect of this archway, has tried to make Jaipur modern and convenient in the last 20 years by building monuments like Peacock Garden, Amar Jawan Jyoti, Arjun Statue. He gave a new look to Jaipur by beautifying the roads here and building many modern buildings of hospitals, hotels and townships. He made efforts to make it a hi-tech city from a heritage. Along with this, he has also renovated the Golden Temple and Jallianwala Bagh of Amritsar outside Jaipur.

Art and tradition of Torana Dwar Jaipur

There was no archway to welcome the tourists while leaving the airport. Toran Dwar is the art and tradition of Jaipur. At the same time, due to the modern buildings being built in Jaipur, the heritage architecture of the Pink City has been limited to the walls. This heritage is the soul of the city dwellers. Apart from the ramparts, this archway has been built for the purpose of enabling the city residents to connect with their heritage.

Arches and carvings highlighted with spot light

Its lighting has been designed in such a way that the arches and carvings are highlighted by the spotlight. Milky white lighting has been provided on the entire monument, so that the beauty of the white marble can be seen even at night.

Jawahar Circle, meeting point of North-South Corridor

In the north-south line of Jaipur, after Garh Ganesh, Tal Katora, Jai Niwas Bagh, Govind Dev, City Palace, Tripolia, Chaura Rasta, New Gate, Albert Hall, Police Memorial, Gandhi Statue and Jawahar Circle all form a single line. Are. Jawahar Circle has been developed as a meeting point of the North-South Corridor of this heritage.

A rubberized track for pedestrians

It has been constructed by designing an RCC structure. In which its structural stability has been achieved by giving a curve. A rubberized track has been built for pedestrians. Cycle track facility has also been provided.

42 arches built in 5 floors

The arches have been built in a combined manner to represent the entire Rajasthan. Each arch is supported on 4 pillars and 42 arches are built in 5 floors. It has 216 total marble pillars. This archway is 104 m. long, 34.1 feet high and has four marble umbrellas

Rajasthan’s identity lies behind white marble

The intention behind using white marble is that it is the stone and identity of Rajasthan. Whenever tourists see this, they should take with them the image of the entire state. This is not the entry point of Jaipur, it is the entry point of Rajasthan.

Facade plays an important role on the boundary wall buildings. Pillars, arches and umbrellas have been designed in the form of a facade in this five-storey arch gate. The umbrellas have been designed in a new way, which will introduce a new style of umbrella.

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