9 flights to be terminated from Jaipur Airport from Mar 31

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Eight domestic flights and one international flight will be terminated at the Jaipur International Airport from March 31, said officials.
Currently, total 65 domestic flights to 23 different cities and seven flights to five international destinations are being operated at Jaipur International Airport. This new schedule will lead to less air connectivity from Jaipur as nine flights are being terminated. Also, the commuters may have to pay increased charges to some cities from April. A notice to airmen (NOTAM) will be implemented at Jaipur airport from April. According to this, no flight will be operated at Jaipur airport between 10:30 pm to 5 am. A Taxi track is being built along with the runway at the airport due to which the decision has been taken. The construction work will be undertaken from 10:30 pm to 5:00 am near the runway.
Nine flights which are to be terminated:
SpiceJet flight number SG8637 to Delhi at 10:20 am
Indigo flight number 6E169 to Bengaluru at 3:55 am
Indigo flight number 6E736 to Chennai at 10:15 pm
Indigo flight number 6E437 to Chennai at 6:55 pm
Indigo flight number 6E442 to Udaipur at 4:20 pm
SpiceJet flight number SG8623 to Udaipur at 7:25 am
SpiceJet flight number SG2985 to Varanasi at 5:45 am
Spice Jet flight number SG3521 to Varanasi at 4:55 pm
Air Asia flight number WE344 to Bangkok at 2:15 am

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