75 Charging Stations to Be Built For Electric Vehicles In Jaipur


75 charging stations will soon be installed in Jaipur to promote electric vehicles in the city. The project was discussed in a meeting in the presence of the officials of JDA, REIL, and EESL. The meeting was held at the JDA headquarters on Monday.

A network will be developed to promote electric vehicles in Jaipur. Under this, 75 charging stations will be built. Of these, 54 will be installed by Rajasthan Electronics and Instrument Limited (REIL) and the remaining charging stations will be set up by Energy Efficiency Limited (EESL).

The project was discussed under the chairmanship of JDA Commissioner Gaurav Goel. The land in the city will be made available under the revenue sharing model by the Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) for these stations. 

According to the officials of REIL and EESL, “Two types of charging stations will be built in Jaipur. The first one will be a fast-charging station which will charge up to six electric vehicles simultaneously. While the second one will be in slow motion which will charge 10 electric vehicles. It will take up to an hour and a half to charge the car at the fast charging station. While it will take 4-5 hours at the slow station.

For a station, JDA will provide up to 400 to 800 sq ft of space from JDA. These stations are planned to be built in public spaces, community centers, public parks, malls, multiplexes for charging stations. This is because the charging will take time and the people will be able to spend their time in these places. More to this, the JDA will continue to own the land and will keep its share in the revenue coming from the charging station.

Air pollution from petrol and diesel vehicles is increasing rapidly. Smoke emanating from vehicles is the main reason behind the pollution. Promoting the idea of electric vehicles will help to curb the situation. There are currently more than 15,000 electric vehicles in the capital. The number of these vehicles has also increased rapidly in the recent past and is also expected to increase with the increase in the number of charging stations. Because, due to a lack of charging points, people still keep themselves off from buying electric cars.

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