weight of school bags

Integrated book system in Rajasthan to lessen the weight of school bags


This move of the Rajasthan School Education Department to introduce integrated books will reduce the weight of school bags. The integrated book system will be followed by primary classes.

Since long parents have been demanding to reduce the weight of the school bags of children to lessen their burden. The government stepped out and issued orders to initiate a pilot project to introduce integrated books from class 1st to 3rd.

As per the orders issued, The books of English, Hindi, and Mathematics are divided into three parts. The first parts of each subject will be available combined in one single book. The same pattern will be followed for the other two parts of these three subjects. While for class 3rd four subjects will be included in the division. Parts of English, Hindi, Mathematics, and Environment will be divided and unified in one book.

The integrated books are named as ‘Aao Khelien’. This move will promote education as a source of knowledge and not a burden. Students will no longer have to carry unnecessary heavy baggage to the school.

According to the general secretary of the teachers association, This was a much-needed step for the students. They were forced to carry heavy bags and books of all subjects despite just one chapter to be taught. After this move, students have to carry only the books with current chapters.

For now, this move is limited to only primary classes. Later, it will be started for other classes as well.