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4 places to become eco-friendly tourist spots in Jaipur

JDA to develop 4 new eco-friendly tourist spots in Jaipur on the land of the Forest Department. These areas will include Leopard Safari and Bird Sanctuary.


In upcoming years, Jaipur will get four new eco-friendly tourist spots developed in different areas of the city. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot announced in the budget announcement to save the forest land of Jaipur and develop it as a tourist spot, these works will be done in the cradle.

Rajasthan UDH minister Shanti Dhariwal made many announcements for wildlife tourism and forest development in and around Jaipur in the state assembly. He has been instructed to prepare these projects and start work on them soon.

The most prominent of the four tourist spots will be a leopard safari which will be the second Leopard Safari area of ​​the city. This Leopard Safari is to be built on the hill of Amagarh towards Jhalana.

Leopard Safari will be built in the hills of Amagarh

There is a large number of leopards in the Amagarh hills and adjoining forest area around Galta. The number of leopards has increased in Jhalana as well. These new leopards are now going towards Kho Amagad and Lalveri forest area to make their territory. To develop these forest areas, JDA will get the work done here. Various wildlife like Leopard, Jarakh and other species of fauna will be seen here. This area will be developed on the lines of Jhalana Leopard Reserve for tourists.

Bird century will also be developed in its mouth area

JDA and Forest Department are planning to develop it as a wetland and eco-tourism on 244 hectares of land in the mouth of Jaipur. After its development, a safe and developed area will be available for more than 80 species of migratory and resident birds. At the same time, after some time it will also be started for tourists.

Tiger safari will be created in Nahargarh Biological Park

The Rajasthan government is planning to launch a tiger safari in Nahargarh Biological Park. The tourists will be taken on a tiger safari over a 30-hectare area. At present, this 30 hectares is lying vacant near the park and will now be expanded by planting dense trees on the land. Zoological Park, Lion Safari is developed on 720 hectares of Nahargarh Sanctuary and the number of tourists is also increasing here. Around 285 species of birds are seen in the Nahargarh Biological Park built in this area.

Dense forest will be developed in these two places

The plans are ongoing to develop Amagarh and Lalberi forest areas to accommodate the evolving population of leopards in the Jhalana reserve. The forest area will be developed over 100 hectares in Beed Govindpura and 160 hectares in Beed Goner – both along Kalwar Road. These forest areas will be developed on the lines of Smriti Van on JLN Marg of Jaipur.

Jaipur has been arising as a prominent wildlife destination recently. The government wants to further promote wildlife tourism in the city which is already known for its heritage sites. Jhalana Leopard Safari, Hathi Gaon, Nahargarh Biological Park and Kishanbagh Project are some of the places that are very popular among wildlife lovers.

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