Appointment with famous doctors of Rajasthan on E-Mitra at fixed fee

Now appointments with popular doctors of Rajasthan can be booked online through e-Mitra and at a fixed fee. A list of 5 thousand doctors released.


The state government has announced a new initiative where people will be able to get online appointments through e-Mitra to see a doctor in any city of the state. This initiative will start under tele-medicine service.

This service will soon start at all e-Mitra centers of the state. Now people can book appointments through e-Mitra and the patient or his family who take the appointment will get a call from ahead. They will be informed the day and time to visit the doctor.

This service has been started with an aim to ease the appointment booking process. The patients and their families from far-flung cities and towns come to see the doctor in big cities including Jaipur, Jodhpur, Ajmer, Bikaner. The biggest problem for them is the appointment. There are many doctors in Jaipur who have a long waiting time to be shown here. Due to this, the patients have to go back without seeing a doctor.
With this service, patients will no longer have to stand in long queues in the OPD. They will get an appointment with a doctor on a call.

A list of 5 thousand doctors has been released

5 thousand government and private doctors from Jaipur, Kota, Udaipur, Bikaner, Jodhpur are included in the list. The list includes many famous doctors such as specialist of gastrology – Dr. Sandeep Nijawan, pediatrician and in-charge of rare disease at JK Lawn Hospital Jaipur – Dr. Ashok Gupta, specialist of diabetes – Dr. Prakash Keswani, cardiologist – Dr. Sanjeev Roy, and gynecologist Dr Leena Vyas.

This service will be available at all e-Mitra centers in the state.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot had announced plans to start 200 new services on e-Mitra under Business to Citizen. This service has been started in the cradle of this announcement. The maximum benefit of this service will be given to the people of remote villages and small towns, who come to the cities for treatment.

A fixed fees of 250 rupees will be charged

People taking appointments through this service will have to pay a fee of 250 rupees. These fees have been kept the same for all doctors. Apart from the doctor’s fee, this money also includes the fee of the E-Mitra operator and the fee of the service provider. At the same time, through this service, the patient can also show the doctor online if he wants and will be able to get the medicines prescribed by showing his test report.

Health record will be created

Through this service the health record of the patient will also be prepared. In this, a data of complete information about the diseases of the patient will be prepared. In this, if he goes to see any doctor anywhere in the future and he does not have doctor’s slips or tests related to chronic disease, then he will be able to see through this health record online.

Process to book an appointment

  1. Firstly, the person has to visit the E-Mitra center.
  2. E-Mitra operator will do a registration where the patient’s name-address, phone number and disease related details will have to be filled.
  3. After registering, the person will get a call asking the day they need an appointment with the doctor.
  4. According to the availability of the doctor on the same day or the next day, that patient will be called again and an appointment will be given.
  5. If the patient is not able to reach the doctor physically they can show through video conferencing.
  6. Apart from this, if any kind of investigation is done, then its report will also be uploaded and sent to the doctor.
  7. Seeing him, the doctor will be able to give necessary advice.
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