Boeing 777

Woman pilot of the state landed first Boeing 777 at Jaipur airport


A Boeing 777 landed at Jaipur International Airport for the first time. couldn’t land here earlier, but it Landing was not possible earlier due to the big size of the aircraft. It was made possible oy after the runway extension that was completed in March 2017.

Being the world’s largest twin-jet engine aircraft Boeing 777, usually operates from Delhi and Mumbai. The first woman commercial pilot of the state, Pilot Parul Shekhawat of Jaipur operated it.

The pilot, Shekhawat started flying in 2005, has been flying Boeing 777 for last two years, after she was promoted to Captain. Her husband is also a senior pilot in Air India. Parul’s parents reside in Jaipur and her father is former SMS superintendent Narpat Singh Shekhawat. He has been flying for the last 14 years.

The aircraft took off with 340 Haj pilgrims at 3.40 pm on Friday. Till now, Boeing 747 planes were being used for Haj pilgrims. While Boeing 747 is smaller in size, it can accommodate more passengers than Boeing 777. Boeing 777 with four engines can accommodate 340 passengers.