Holi in Jaipur

What makes Holi in Jaipur a must-visit festival?

Holi is soon to knock on your doors. Why not celebrate it in Jaipur, a city popular for its cultural significance for its fairs and festivals. Know why Holi in Jaipur is worth celebrating.


When it comes to celebrating fairs and festivals the only name that comes up in the mind is the capital of Rajasthan Jaipur. Holi is close at hand and Jaipur, the city steeped in traditions and culture makes Holi an unforgettable festival, quite literally, memorable showing you the perfect colours of love, compassion, brotherhood and benevolence. If you want to experience the true essence of Holi, Jaipur is a must-visit. Jaipur celebrates Holi with full zeal and zest, so, don’t miss such an incredible chance to celebrate Holi in Jaipur. Are you ready for a colourful trip to get painted, shaded, and tinted in this Pink City! 

When is Holi? 

This year Holi will be celebrated on:

Holika Dahan: Sun, 24 Mar 2024
Holi (Dhulandi): Mon, 25 Mar 2024

How Jaipur celebrates Holi?

dhulandi festival jaipur

The festival of colours played in Jaipur has a different regional flavour apart from the usual tradition of playing with coloured powder and water. In Jaipur, Holi also involves fun-filled processions of folk songs and dances. Jaipurites enjoy shopping holi items in the markets of Badi and Choti Chaupar.

Everyone you see is charged up with a sense of abandonment and an underlying festive spirit. Even the royals of the royal city, Jaipur celebrate the festival lavishly. On this day of colours, people throw colours, sing songs and dance with each other throughout the day. 

Why celebrate Holi in Jaipur?

There are a few major things that make the Holi celebration in Jaipur unique fest. You won’t find these traits of celebration in any other city. 

Playing Holi With Elephants

Elephant Festival holi

Earlier, there was a tradition of celebrating the elephant festival on Holi eve. In this festival, elephants are decorated from head to toe and several competitions and parades are held. However, since 2012, this ritual is banned but despite the ban, an event named eleday is organised where people can still feel the charm of the elephants playing Holi. 

Jaipur’s Gulal Gota

Gulal Gota

The festivity of Holi is never complete without the pichkaris or water splashing balloons, and gulaal. One traditional Holi item found in markets of Jaipur is ‘Gulaal Gotas’ or ‘Water Canon Bowls’. Theseunclude preparation of melting lacquer and are eco-friendly. You can find these Gulal Gotas in the lanes of Hawa mahal and Choti Chaupar.

Eco-friendly Holi

Over the past few years, Jaipurites have switched towards celebrating eco-friendly Holi by playing it waterless with flowers and organic colours. The Holi festival has a link with Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha, thus Jaipurites celebrates this festival at one of the oldest and most worshipped Govind Dev Ji Temple. It is a week-long celebration that includes playing Holi with varied coloured flowers, natural and organic colours (Abeer and Gulal) and sandalwood powder.

 Jaipur local delicacies

Talk of the festival and no mention of sweets, it’s never possible. Jaipur is popular for its rich local treats that are involves traditional preparation. To name a few there are ghee and coconut ‘Gujjias’, ‘Dahi vadas’, the very special delicacies of Holi ‘bhang lassi’ or ‘thandais’ and ‘bhang laddoos’. Making Bhang and Bhang ki thandai is another very popular custom of Holi. This drink is a mix of bhang (female cannabis) and thandai (an Indian milkshake).

Theme Events

Jaipur boasts of well-known resorts and hotels which hosts numerous happening Holi-themed parties. The city welcomes you with wonderful dance, music and colours to get you in a fun mood. From food counters to live dhol and music, you get every inch of entertainment. There are various themes like Bollywood parties, rain parties and much more.


Popular places in Jaipur for Holi Celebrations

Rajasthan Tourism is also energetically dedicated to composing special Holi celebrations for foreign visitors. There are a few unique places to experience the best of Holi celebration in Jaipur.



Eleholi Fest is a super thrilling event with super lively activities. From welcoming you with “CHUNG” a traditional Holi festival instrument, colourfully dressed up drummers to a venue stocked up with “plates of dry organic colour”, folk dance/ folk Music, games competitions, and snacks and pure vegetarian lunch, they offer complete fun. The special feature of this event is that you get to walk with elephants & feed them fruits, flower Holi with elephants, wash elephants, and decorate the elephant for festivals.

Holi at Khasa Kothi:

Holi at Khasa Kothi

Holi party across the lawns of Khasa Kothi is famous among foreign tourists. It is the most happening event everyone looks forward to. The event features special arrangements including gulals, traditional food, cultural events, and Rajasthani folk music. It is one of the main highlights among Holi celebration places in Jaipur.

Jawahar Kala Kendra:

JKK is already a famed tourist spot in Jaipur for JLF Festival. It is also the most talked-about place during the Holi celebrations. They organise a lunch buffer along with a fun-filled Holi party including various local folk performances and playing with organic colours and water.

Holi with the Royal family:

royal family jaipur

The royals of Jaipur celebrate the festival in a grand way full of tradition and culture. They organize Holi celebrations in the premises of City Palace wherein important guests and tourists enjoy the festivities. On the first day of Holi – The royal family of Jaipur celebrates Holika Dahan by lighting a huge bonfire. The next day they celebrate Dhulandi in full verve. The guests experience a memory of a lifetime with traditional cuisines, folk Holi music and dance performances along with myriad colours, gulaal gotas and even dipping in the pool.

So, Holi in Jaipur is a must-experience festival, if you are happy to soak up in colours and colourful water.

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