A must follow Skincare guide pre and post-Holi celebration

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The wait is over and the most exciting and colourful fest of the year Holi has arrived. Although this year the celebrations will be quite different due to surging Covid cases, restrictions have been imposed and people still can enjoy the festivities at home with their family. 

As the festival brings with it a lot of fun, joy and enjoyment, there is also a flip side of it. You can be exposed to not so pleasant varied chemical-based colours, sun, heat, dust which can damage your skin. It’s the scariest part that makes your skin feel awful. 

So, it is important to be Holi-ready for your skin so that the colours do the least harm to your skin. Here are some Pre and Post skincare tip s for Holi to ensure that your skin doesn’t suffer. 

Pre-Holi Skin Care guide

Don’t rush out to play Holi. Before you head out do a little prep to create a protective layer between the colours and your skin and hair. 

  • The first thing to do is to apply moisturiser to your face or a generous layer of sunscreen SPF with 50 on the face as well as the entire body. Choose a sunscreen with sweat-proof & heatproof formula. If your moisturiser has SPF 20 or more you can skip applying sunscreen. 
  • After this apply either almond, coconut or olive oil on the entire body including the face. Massage the oil until it fully absorbs in your skin. These oils will act as a barrier but also helps you in easy removal of colours post holi. Apply to all the exposed areas such as hands, feet and the neck.
  • The colours can also take off the moisture of your lips leaving them chapped and dry. So to protect your lips apply a lot of nourishing lip balm. You can apply petroleum jelly to your lips, ears, eyes and eyelids
  • Our nails also get stained and the colours settle in them. The colour from our nails won’t go off for weeks making them look dirty. For this, rub olive oil on them and apply multiple coats of transparent nail paint. These will work as a shield. Make sure you cut off your nails so that the colours don’t settle in and you don’t ingest in the colours while eating food.
  • Just like the skin your hair also needs protection. Comb your hair thoroughly and massage the oil onto your hair and scalp. Don’t let your hair open and tie them tight before you go out.
  • Cover the rest of your body with full sleeve clothing. This will lessen the chances of colours damaging your skin. Also, choose to wear cotton and breathable clothes. Avoid synthetic as they may cause allergy. 


Post-Holi Skin Care guide

Again don’t just speed up to wash off the colours. Make sure they gently come off without any harsh rubbing as it will do nothing but irritate your skin and may result in allergic reactions. 

  • After you are done playing Holi, use a cleansing lotion to gently remove the colours. The colours will come off easily as you have applied oil before.
  • Before washing off splash some cold water on your skin so that the excess colour goes off. You can also use a face wash and rinse off.
  • You can also exfoliate using a coffee-based de-tan scrub, a mix of besan, curd, turmeric, and honey to clean your body and face.
  • Once the colour is removed you damp a cotton ball in the oil and apply it onto your skin. 
  • You may now prefer to bathe. It would be better if you use herbal soap or shower gels. These will help in removing impurities. 
  • Shampoo your hair thoroughly. Nourish it with a good conditioner and a hair serum. Apply a hair oil-hot towel-hair spa regime to get back their shine and smoothness.
  • Lastly, follow a proper moisturizer to regain the lost moisture and get rid of any dryness caused. Your skin will be glowing.
  • For the next few days, it would be best to avoid makeup. Instead, use a moisturiser or a BB cream. Also, avoid using gels or sprays on your hairs. 

These few tips will let you enjoy the festival to the fullest while keeping your skin and hair health intact. Now, you are all set to have carefree fun with colours. Have a happy and safe Holi !!!!


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