Wax statue of Haadi Rani released at Wax Museum of Nahargarh


On the occasion of World Museum Day, Nahargarh- based Jaipur Wax Museum released the first look of its new wax statue. This time, the wax statue of Hadi Rani will be installed here as a symbol of the pride and glory of Rajasthan. Its first look was released by the museum administration.

The effigy of Hadi Rani, the mistress of amazing beauty, fully adorned, will be installed in the Royal Durbar section of the Wax Museum. The sculpting team of Jaipur Wax Museum has created the effigy, which weighs approximately 28 kg, under the direction of Anoop Srivastava, the Founder of Jaipur Wax Museum. 

Speaking on the release of the effigy, Anoop Srivastava says, “The Kshatriya women of Rajasthan have never lagged behind in respecting this soil. Similarly, Paramveer Kshatrani, who has been recorded in the pages of history, was Sahal Kanwar i.e. the queen of Hadi. At the age of 16, Hadi Rani, while performing her duty during the war against Aurangzeb, beheaded herself and followed her national religion. The whole world pays tribute to this inspirational, immortal story of courage and sacrifice. Therefore, we also paid homage to Hadi Rani and decided to install her wax statue in the museum.”

He added that I was personally very impressed by this true story and we decided that the coming generation must know the immortal story of this renunciation and sacrifice. A wax effigy of Haadi Rani has been prepared. The sets behind it and the recording of dialogues, voiceovers and music of a special show are being done in Mumbai. Soon tourists will get to see this heart-wrenching story in the museum with a special light and sound.

Anoop said that it has always been our decision that whatever statue is installed in the museum should inspire people, that is why instead of celebrity statues, we look for real life heroes lost in the pages of history.

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