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Go Air flights will remain closed till May 9

GoFirst Airlines announced closure of flights till May 9, Passengers going to Goa, Mumbai and Bangalore faced problems, fare increased.


Due to financial crises, GoFirst Airlines did not operate in Jaipur. Passengers going to Goa, Mumbai and Bangalore faced problems due to cancellation of flights. Everyday third aircraft of this airline fly to different cities from Jaipur airport. GoFirst Airlines were closed across the country as well.

According to the Jaipur Airport Administration, the company has given a letter in writing to stop the operation of flights from Jaipur Airport till May 5, but the company has now announced the cancellation of all flights till May 9 on its official social media account.

The company operates daily flights from Jaipur to Goa, Mumbai and Bangalore. According to airport sources, more than 400 passengers fly to these cities every day from Go Air, which are now facing problems due to cancellation of flights. Due to this, the demand for tickets has increased in other airlines.

Goa ticket costlier than Rs 10,000

After the cancellation of Go Air’s flight, its passengers are now looking for another flight as an alternative. Indigo’s Jaipur to Goa flight fare for May 5 is more than Rs 10,500 even when it is off season in Goa. Similarly, there are more than 5 flights of different airlines from Jaipur to Mumbai, whose normal fare is 4 to 5 thousand rupees, but now the fare is more than 7.5 thousand rupees.

The company has announced to cancel all its flights till May 9, assuring the refund of tickets soon. On the other hand, the money refund of all the passengers who have booked tickets till May 9 has become a big challenge for the company. Through social media, the company has assured the passengers to refund the money soon.

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