QR code sticker on vehicle

Vehicles will have QR code stickers, get yours on E-Mitra

Now two-wheeler, 4 wheelers will have to put QR code stickers to get them scanned for emergency reach. QR code stickers are available at E-mitra.

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The Department of Information Technology and Communication has started an initiative of pasting a QR code sticker on two-wheelers and four-wheelers for safety. These stickers are available at E-Mitra for Rs 599. As soon as the QR code is scanned, a call will go to the owner or registered number in case of an emergency.

A QR code sticker will be available to be put on all two-wheeler and 4-wheelers. By this, the owner of the vehicle or his acquaintances can be called in an emergency as soon as the QR code is scanned. This will help in calling the owner if any car is in the wrong parking or giving the information to the acquaintance if any accident has occurred.

In the event of an accident, the mobile lock of the injured does not open, during this time anyone will be able to scan the sticker and inform the family members. The QR code sticker will be beneficial for their safety. It will be pasted on the vehicle’s front and back.

Can also be pasted on children’s bags for safety

This sticker can also be applied to the bags of school-going children. Anyone can make a call by scanning these stickers. This sticker can be found on E-Mitra for rs 599. In this, at present, the vehicle owner and his emergency contact number will be added.

The caller will not see the number

Anyone can make a call by scanning the QR code on the vehicle, but he will not see the mobile number or name of the vehicle owner or his acquaintance, only the call will be made. Identity will not be revealed in this.

E-Mitra operators will be able to buy these stickers in bulk from the E-market. This has been started under the Business to Citizen scheme on E Mitra.

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