vehicle location tracking devices installation in rajasthan

All govt vehicles in Rajasthan will soon get vehicle location tracking devices

The transport department to install vehicle location tracking devices in all govt vehicles in Rajasthan, starting with roadways buses.

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The transport department has got the approval to conduct the Vehicle Location Tracking Device (VLTD) system on a big scale in all government vehicles in the state. The devices will be first installed on the roadways buses.

The department will install Vehicle Location Tracking Device firstly on Rajasthan roadways buses among all the government vehicles. After the completion of the first phase when the VLTD system has been installed in buses, other vehicles will be equipped in the second phase.

Despite, the orders for the same has been released three years ago, it could not be executed in Rajasthan. The devices were installed only in ambulances during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Often, there are complaints of the buses running on the wrong routes. The VLTD system is beneficial in the real-time tracking of buses. Those buses which are found changing the routes from the predefined routes will have to pay fines to the department.

According to a senior transport department official, with the installation of the VLTD system, the overspeeding of the vehicle will also be controlled. The system will detect if the vehicle is crossing the limit of the speed. The system will also have a GPS installed along with a panic button.

Earlier, the transport department had installed this real-time location tracker in ambulances during the corona period for the monitoring of vehicles. The ambulances were installed with ASI-140 standard location trackers. For this, the department sought the help of the police server.

The VLTD system helps track the location of a vehicle no matter where it is moving in the country. With this system, the speed of the vehicle is also detected in real-time. Whenever the vehicle crosses the speed limit, the driver will receive a notification or warning for overspeeding. The system will also help to curb vehicle thefts.

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