Underwater Tunnel Aquarium Jaipur

Underwater Tunnel Aquarium Jaipur: Location, Tickets, Timings

Have you ever wondered what an underwater world looks like? Then you must visit the Underwater Tunnel Fish Aquarium in Jaipur for a unique experience.


If you always fantasize about marine life and are fond of watching different types of fishes, then Royal Mela in Jaipur has brought to you the to the fishy affair at Sector 16 Pratap Nagar Bhairav Circle Jaipur as tanks full of fish of all shapes, sizes and colors welcomes the Jaipurites into their marine world. Royal Mela is a complete package of fun with entertainment ranging from fairs with rides and food stalls to shopping. But the latest attraction is a unique one – Jaipur’s very first ‘Underwater Tunnel Aquarium’ where you will get to walk through a tunnel with fishes on all sides. 

First time in Jaipur-Underwater Tunnel Aquarium

At the entrance gate, you are welcomed by a big shark fish decorated with lights. Further proceeding, a carpeted pathway with posters of marine life on both sides takes you to the tunnel. This pathway has a. Once inside the marine world, you can see a tunnel in the middle surrounded by fish aquariums from both sides. These individual fish tanks host a diverse array of colorful fish and exotic sea creatures. 

As you walk through the tunnel you reach the main attraction, a 180-degree underwater fish tunnel & aquarium. It is a tunnel with a length of approximately 100 meters. This is an experience like no other, allowing guests to feel as though they are truly beneath the sea. Stroll leisurely as you observe the tropical fish to majestic sharks gliding by gracefully all around you and overhead. 

Fish & Aquarium

For the first time in Jaipur, a collection of thousands of fish is being seen under one roof. Many colorful fish can be seen in this magnificent underwater aquarium. All these fish have been brought from Kerala, Chennai, Mumbai, and southern states of India.

Enthrall yourself in a lively underwater spectacle at the aquarium boasting an incredible array of 20 to 30 species of marine fishes, offering a chance to come fin-to-fin with fascinating creatures. Each glimpse swears to be a captivating experience.

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Major aquatic wonders you will find at aquarium:

  • Alligator Fish: This aptly named fish isn’t just for the wetlands! The Alligator fascinates you with its appearance. Rows of sharp teeth line its long snout, and its body is covered in bony scales that resemble armor.
  • Gilo Video Tetra: The Gilo Video Tetra is a dazzling display of shimmering scales. Its body seems to flicker and change color as it swims, earning it the nickname “The Disco Fish.”
  • Red Cap: Red Cap boast vibrant red caps on their heads, contrasting beautifully with their sleek silver bodies. They are known for their peaceful temperament and graceful swimming style.
  • Goldfish: Forget the single orange goldfish you have commonly seen! Here, a vivid array of fancy goldfish breeds, each boasting unique characteristics that will leave you will surprised.
  • Olvino: This vibrantly colored freshwater fish, also known as the Celestial Pearl Danio, is a dazzling addition to the aquarium with its shimmering blue body and iridescent stripes.
  • Joint Gourami: Observe the graceful movements of the Joint Gourami, known for its elongated fins that resemble elegant flowing robes.
  • Oscar Black: The Oscar Black fish is a captivating sight with its bold orange and black stripes, adding a splash of drama to the underwater world.
  • Kissing Gourami: Witness the magnetic social behaviour of the Kissing Gourami, named for their puckered lips that appear as if they’re in a constant state of smooching.

This is just a taste of the diverse marine life you’ll hit upon at the underwater aquarium. Exiting the aquarium leads you into a colorfully decorated and brilliantly lit, the Royal Mela Jaipur. It has many different types of stalls and swings that are bought for the first time in Jaipur.

Key highlights of the Royal Mela 

The Royal Mela boasts a vibrant marketplace with around 20+ thrilling rides. Also, there are many stalls for shopping and fast food where you can enjoy fast food over 50 stalls catering to every choice. 

  • From trendy clothing and accessories to captivating books, you’ll find something to suit your style and interests. 
  • Explore the world of natural wellness with Ayurvedic and herbal products, or keep the little ones entertained with a delightful selection of toys and games.
  • Indulge your taste buds with tangy pickles (achar) and sweet treats, or add a touch of elegance to your home with exquisite decor. 
  • Dazzling jewelry, handcrafted treasures, and unique lifestyle items await those seeking a special memento. 
  • To Top it all off, a plethora of fast-food stalls are ready to satisfy your cravings after exploring the mesmerizing underwater tunnel and aquarium.

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The Royal Mela is fully decorated in the evening with a stunning display of lights. The twinkling lights on swings and rides will take you back to the times of childhood.

When you enter the aquarium air conditioning and coolers keep you comfortable as you explore the underwater world. 

The carpet is laid on the ground minimizing dust and ensuring a comfortable stroll through the marketplace.

Underwater Tunnel Aquarium Jaipur Ticket Price

  • Adults: Rs. 100 per person
  • Children (Below 5 years): Free

If you’re looking to take part in other swings and rides, it will charge you extra. The charges for the major rides are:

  • Joy Mini Train Ride for Kids – Rs. 50
  • Mickey Mouse Balloon Jumping – Rs. 50
  • Moon Coaster Ride  – Rs. 70
  • Cross Wheel rides – Rs. 80
  • Giant Wheel- Rs. 100
  • Columbus Ride (Boat shaped ride) – Rs. 100

Last Date of Underwater Tunnel Aquarium

The Underwater Tunnel Aquarium is open until April 24, 2024. Extended operation may be considered based on popularity.


Sector 16, Pratap Nagar, Bhairav Circle, Jaipur

Timings of Underwater Tunnel Aquarium

5:00 PM to 10:00 PM. 

Contact Number


Parking fees

  • 2-wheelers: Rs. 20
  • 4-wheelers: Rs. 40

Best time to visit

The best time to visit the underwater tunnel in Jaipur is during the weekdays because the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) can be full of crowds there which can ruin your overall experience.

How to reach 

You can reach Pratap Nagar Bhairav Circle from any corner of Jaipur. You get an e-rickshaw or rickshaw to get there. 

  • Railway station: The nearest railway station to the underwater aquarium in Jaipur is Khatipura railway station which is around 8 km. While the Jaipur Junction is situated at a distance of 19 km.
  • Airport: The Jaipur international airport is situated at a distance of 8 km from the Royal Mela.
  • Bus Stand: It is situated around 20 km from the Sindhi Camp bus stand in Jaipur.
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