Jaipur may soon have its first pet crematorium

JMC might set up Jaipur’s first pet crematorium in coming times, looking for a suitable space in city limits for per cremation.


After receiving a proposal from an organization, the Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC) Greater might set up a pet crematorium in the city in near future. This will be Jaipur’s first pet crematorium. JMC Greater is trying to find a suitable place within the city limits that can be used for pet cremation. 

According to the deputy mayor of JMC-Greater, Puneet Karnawat, “We have received a proposal and are working on it. Number of pets in Jaipur is increasing. It’s time to think about this noble idea. Space is a constraint. We are trying to find a suitable place.”

The proposal has been sent by an organization based in Vaishali Nagar. They put forth a concept of installing a burner for pet cremation somewhere within the city boundaries. The organization is also intending to procure a burner worth 5 lac. This burner has been designed by the researchers of IIT Roorkee. They forwarded this request to JMC to provide a suitable place to set up the crematorium. 

As per an animal nutritionist “However, we need a space where we can install the burner. For this, we had sent a proposal to JMC Greater to give us a suitable space where we can set up the crematorium. All this while, JMC Greater is offering us space outside the city limits in the outskirts. But, for the convenience of pet owners we need it in the city. Otherwise this project would be a big failure.” 

Earlier, in September 2016, the Biyani group had initiated a mobile pet crematorium which gained a notable response. But due to some reasons the service was forced to stop. The first reason was cited as increasing prices of diesel making the service costly. Another reason was that being a mobile service the pets were cremated at the doorstep of the owners which was objectionable among their neighbors. 

This led to the need for a proper space for pet crematorium.

At present, pet cremation is done either inside the house compound of the pet owners or the pets are dumped at any empty and across the city.

The new proposal is said to be built on the experiences of the past venture. The new burner used for crematorium would be economic as well as environment friendly as it would need cow dung, instead of diesel. With the burner, the cremation process would take about 30 to 40 minutes for a 10-kg body to turn into ashes. The charges for a diesel burner were a minimum of Rs 2,000 as per the size of the body. While now it would be Rs 1,200 to Rs 1,300. 

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