Coronavirus Found in Jaipur

Suspected patient of deadly Coronavirus found in Jaipur


After swine flu, Zika, congo fever, a new type of Coronavirus has now shaken the whole world. The dangerous Coronavirus spreading in China is now spreading rapidly in many countries. More than 50 people have died due to Coronavirus so far.

India is also reported to come across a suspected case of the deadly virus. A doctor who returned from China after studying MBBS has been admitted to a hospital in Jaipur in the fear of getting infected with the Coronavirus.

According to the information, the patient is a resident of Jaipur and is from the Sanganer area. He pursued his MBBS course in China but had come to the Pink City for a post-graduation course. He has been admitted to the hospital on suspicion of being infected with the Coronavirus. The patient has been kept in the isolation ward of the SMS hospital in Jaipur.

Dr. DS Meena, Superintendent, SMS Hospital said that A committee of doctors has been formed for treatment. He is undergoing treatment under the supervision of doctors. Initial medicines have also been started. The blood samples have been sent to National Virology Lab based in Pune for examination.

Medical Minister Dr. Raghu Sharma has also given instructions to keep the suspected patient of Coronavirus in a separate ward. Directions are given to conduct screening of his family members and the people in contact with him.

Dr. K. K. Sharma, Director (Public Health) said that the patient was admitted to the Isolation ICU of SMS Hospital. No one is allowed to enter this ICU, even the doctors and nursing staff including the common man. Only those who are treating the patient are permitted to enter in this ward.

The National Center for Disease Control, based in New Delhi, has handed over a list of 18 passengers from China to the state’s Medical and Health Department. All these 18 passengers have come from the Coronavirus-affected area of ​​Wuhan city of China. The Chief Medical and Health Officers of the four districts have been asked to monitor all of them. They will remain under special watch for 28 days, he added

Recently, the Medical and Health Department of Rajasthan issued an advisory to all the districts of the state and asked medical colleges, district and satellite hospitals to be on the alert.

More than 10 people in the other states of the country have been admitted to the isolation wards after getting symptoms of Coronavirus. Of these, 7 suspects are in Kerala, 2 in Mumbai, and 1 in Hyderabad. This is the first suspected patient in Rajasthan.