Domestic LPG cylinder cheaper by Rs 100

LPG cylinders will be available at ration shops in Rajasthan


Now cylinders will be sold at ration shops in Rajasthan. Efforts to sell two and five-kilogram LPG cylinders have started. Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) has sent a proposal to the Food and Civil Supplies Department. It has been offered to sell cylinders at shops. 

In view of this, the Food and Supplies Department has written a letter to all the District Logistics Officers asking for proposals from the operators of the shops.

According to the Deputy Commissioner of Food and Civil Supplies Department, “Ration dealers will get commission on the sale of these cylinders. For a 5 kg LPG cylinder, a commission of Rs 31 and 18 percent GST will be given, totaling Rs 36.58, while for a 2 kg cylinder, a commission of Rs 15 and 18 percent GST, totaling Rs 17.70, will be given.”

Project will start from 4 districts

As a pilot project, it will be started from Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kota, Udaipur and Sikar. A ration dealer will be able to keep a maximum stock of 100 kg LPG. It will be able to store either 20 cylinders of 5 kg or 50 cylinders of 2 kg.

Refilling will be expensive compared to normal cylinder

Refilling of both five kg and two kg cylinders will be costlier than domestic cylinders. At present a 14.2 kg domestic gas cylinder is available for Rs 806.50. One kg of gas in a domestic gas cylinder costs Rs 56.71 per kg. Whereas the price of a five kg gas cylinder will be Rs 457. That means, one kilogram of gas will be available in this cylinder at the rate of Rs 91.40 per kg.

Similarly, the rate of a 2 kg cylinder is Rs 203, which means for refilling one kg gas in a 2 kg cylinder, you will have to pay Rs 101.50. For the first time, Rs 1678.50 will have to be paid to buy a five kg cylinder, regulator and safety pipe. Whereas Rs 1188 will have to be paid for a two kg gas cylinder.

Migrant workers and students will get benefits

This scheme will benefit the migrant workers coming from other cities and states in search of work in small and big cities and the students coming for studies. They can get this cylinder by showing any government ID card. For this, they will not need to take a connection. 

Connection through an identity card

To get the connection of a small cylinder, any person can go to the ration shop and give his voter ID card, Aadhar card, or any other government identity card and get the connection.

Price of LPG cylinder

The price of 14.2 kg is Rs 806.50

The price of 5 kg  is Rs 457

The price of 2 kg is Rs 203

Price for taking a connection for the first time

Cost of purchasing cylinder, regulator, and safety pipe 

For 5 kg – Rs 1678.50

For 2 kg – Rs 1188

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