Statue by Jaipur artist to be installed on first floor of Ram temple in Ayodhya

Artists of Jaipur made the statue of Lord Ram wearing golden attire, it will be placed on the first floor of Ram temple in Ayodhya.


A statue of a 5-year-old child form of Lord Ram (Ramlala) sculpted by the artists of Jaipur will be installed on the first floor of the grand Ram temple being built in Ayodhya. The statue is wearing a crown on his head and has an arrow in one hand and a bow in the other on which work of golden leaves has been done. This statue of Ram is about five and a quarter feet tall, seated vertically on a lotus. 

The responsibility of enhancing the look of Ramlala was given to Jaipur sculptor Satyanarayan Pandey and young artist Prashant Pandey. Pandey Murti Bhandar itself has made statues of Swami Narayan, Lakshmi-Narayan of Birla Temple, ISKCON Krishna-Balram etc. This team of artists has made more than one lakh statues.

The highlight of the statue is the eyes, such eyes have been created that when the devotees visit, their eyes should rest on the eyes of Ramlala. This team of artists has made more than one lakh statues.

Urdhva means ‘increasing’.

Calculation of 6 points in idols

The height of most of the statues in the temple has been calculated on the basis of 6 points. The statues of Gaj, Singh, Hanuman Ji and Garudaji are 6 feet each. According to Prashant Pandey, “two 6-6 feet statues made by the sculptors of Jaipur are also installed at the main gate. Two 6 feet tall lions, 6 feet tall statues of Hanumanji and 6 feet tall Garuda Dev are adding to the beauty of the temple.”

He further added that the Ganapati seated above the main entrance of the temple, which is known as Ganesh Pol, has also come from Jaipur. This Ganpati is 11 inches tall. On going inside, Jai and Vijay of 8 feet each have been carved on the wall outside the sanctum sanctorum. Hanumanji and Ganeshji of 33-33 inches in size have been placed on Koligokh.

This is why the statue is special

  • The sculptors saw 1400 photographs and studied the Balkand of Ramayana in detail. Then the form of Ram came true.
  • Had kept the stone for 50 years. The idols of Kanak Bhavan were also made of this material.
  • An 8 feet stone was used for a five and a quarter feet statue, seated on a lotus.
  • Made a sketch after narrating the incident, started making the statue after chanting Gayatri Mantra for a month and a quarter.
  • Measurements were taken by Jaipuri Guniya for shoulders, arms, and chest in the correct proportion as per size.
  • Goldwork will be plated on jewelry.
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