Astronomical Observatory

Starscape to launch a permanent observatory in Jaipur soon!

Starscapes is India's first and only chain of observatories to setup a permanent astronomical observatory in Jaipur to boost Astro tourism.


Astro tourism to get a boost in Jaipur with a forthcoming state-of-the-art astronomical observatory that is to be commenced by Starscape. The observatory will carry all the equipment for stargazing, observation, astrophotography as well as research work.

Starscapes is India’s first and only chain of observatories. It has plans to start an astronomical observatory in Jaipur due to rising interest in Astro tourism. This platform has recently set up a Mobile Stargate Observatory which got an immense response from tourists in Jaipur. After this, Starscape is looking ahead to initiating a permanent structure soon.

This platform is planning to expand with an aim to enhance astronomy experiences possessing top-notch notch devices for stargazing, observation, astrophotography and research work.

A detailed astronomical affair

This mobile setup will be delivering plenty of activities during the day and night. Visitors will get detailed astronomical knowledge through an expert trained in astronomy.  At this stargate observatory, the visitors will enjoy this journey of adventure with engaging sessions related to stargazing. Starscapes will organise stargazing sessions, sun observation and star parties showcasing the enigma of cosmos, among others.

How Jaipur became the perfect place for stargazing!

Jaipur is chosen as the exclusive region in India for stargazing. This observatory is placed at an ideal geographical location, adjoining wilderness of farms onlooking shady skies and tiniest light pollution. Additionally, this astronomical observatory is only a 30-minute drive from prime tourist locations of Jaipur making it an ideal place for stargazing. Amer Fort, Hawa Mahal, Nahargarh Fort and Jal Mahal, are situated nearby making the observatory easily convenient. Many famous resorts are also in the nearby areas, making the observatory a great place for a unique stargazing event post-dinner. 

Where to visit: 17, Nature Farms, near Tree House Resort, opposite Amity University

When to visit: 9:00 AM – 11:30 PM

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