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Single-use plastic ban from 1st July

Single-use plastic is going to be banned from July 1, a fine of 1000 rs. will be charged on shops found using polythene. Know the details.


With an aim to save the environment, Single-use plastic is going to be banned from July 1. If single-use plastic is found, a fine of Rs.1,000 will be levied. Awareness campaign conducted for people to give up the habit of carrying things in polythene in order to save the environment. 

To make the people of the city aware, the Municipal Corporation of Greater Jaipur is running a campaign named ‘Jagrat Jaipur’. For this, Deputy Commissioner of Health Mukesh Kumar has been made the nodal officer .The ban will come into action on July 1, 2022.

According to the Deputy Health Commissioner, “We have spread awareness through meetings with representatives of hotels, dhabas, restaurants, private schools, NGOs and merchant unions. The people of the city will also be made aware by the month of June. For this, 40 thousand pamphlets will be distributed, hoardings will be put up in places, jingles made about a single-use plastic ban will be recited through garbage collection vehicles in the streets.”

What is single-use plastic?

Single-use plastic means plastic that is used only once or it is a use and throw kind. The Chemical and Petrochemical Department had constituted a committee of experts on the orders of the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, which prepared a list of single-use plastics. Below is the list of the items considered single-use plastic.

  • Polyethene of less than 50 Microns
  • Packing Films
  • Straw
  • Thin Plastic Stick
  • Thermocol Cups, Bowls and Plates
  • Expanded Polystyrene with Decoration
  • Small Plastic Cups and Cans (150ml and less than 5g)
  • Laminated Bowls
  • Earbuds
  • Stick of Balloons and Flags
  • Plastic Banners (less than 100 Microns)
  • Cigarette Buds
  • Disposable Cups, Cans and Trays
  • Film on Sweet Boxes

These are the troubles traders are facing 

Everyone is welcoming the decision to ban single-use plastic, but the announcement of the ban has left traders with confusion. There are only a few days left for the ban to be inflicted. Traders are worried because of no supply of alternative options and are confused over which alternative to use after the ban is imposed. They are facing losses as there is a slow supply of alternative goods that are to be sold in place of single-use plastic. 

Traders are ready to give items to the customers in paper and cloth bags. But due to less supply, they are troubled as to whether they will not be able to sell? Many customers do not bring bags. For this, people also have to understand and have to inculcate the habit of carrying a bag with them while purchasing. 

Customers will have to pay high prices

Items like milk, juice and tea are still packed in small plastic bags. The customers of juice, dairy and tea shops are such things that people buy daily. Due to the ban on single-use plastic, their owners will have to buy eco-friendly disposables which are costlier than plastic disposables. This will increase the cost of the shopkeepers as well as the customers. They will also have to pay a higher price.

Also, there is confusion among the traders of Jaipur as they are unable to decide what are the replacement options for items that are often packed in polythene bags at fruit and vegetable stalls, tea bags and juice centers. There are alternatives available to single-use plastic. Customers will also have to cooperate and get used to it with time.

These are the replacement products for the single-use plastic products

  • Earbuds made of plastic sticks or plastic sticks for balloons can be switched with Wood and Bamboo sticks
  • Plastic flags with Paper and Cloth flags
  • Candy and Ice Cream Sticks with Wooden or Bamboo stick
  • Polystyrene (Thermocol) Decorative Material with Decorative Papers
  • Plastic plate, cup with Glass, Steel, Paper, Bone China, Clay
  • Plastic tumbler with Steel, Bamboo or Wood
  • Spoon or knives with Wood, Iron Steel
  • Straw with Wood, Bamboo, Iron Steel and Clay
  • Plastic tray with Wood, Steel Iron and Bone China
  • Wrapping/packing films around cutlery, sweets boxes with Paper or Leaves
  • Invitation card and cigarette packet with Decorative paper
  • Plastic/PVC Banners, Stripe with thickness less than 100 microns with Cloth Banner
  • plastic bag with Fabric or Paper

Customers can cooperate in this way

  • Use biodegradable cutlery.
  • Use canvas/jute/cloth bags.
  • Carry a cloth bag from home to buy goods.
  • Instead of plastic disposables, use utensils made of paper, bamboo or clay.
  • Bring the same in bulk so that less plastic is used in packaging.
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