Flood control rooms across Jaipur

Flood control rooms across Jaipur ahead of the rainy season

With the news of the monsoon arriving soon, JMC is all ready to launch flood control rooms across Jaipur for the safety of Jaipurites.


Given the upcoming monsoon season and heavy rain forecast by IMD, civic bodies in Jaipur are ready to launch flood control rooms across the city. Notably, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) expects pre-monsoon to hit by June 10 and the rainy season by June 25 in Rajasthan.

According to the Meteorological Center, There is news of relief about the pre-monsoon. Rains may start in Rajasthan from June 10. After this, people can get relief from the scorching heat of 46 degrees Celsius. Though there will be an effect of heat and heatwave in some parts of the state till June 10. After this, pre-monsoon rains may occur followed by heavy rains this year.

Flood control centers all across Jaipur for public safety 

According to the forecast by the India Meteorological Department (IMD), the monsoon is set to arrive in Rajasthan by June 25. This year, the state is expected to receive more rainfall than the average measure. This has led to the setting up of flood control rooms in the Pink City.

As per the orders issued by the JMC-Heritage Commissioner, the flood control rooms across Jaipur will be ready by June 15. The flood control centers will be launched in fire stations of Ghat Gate, Amber, and Banipark under JMC-Heritage. Besides, Jaipur Greater Municipal Corporation is set to begin many more flood control centers in various areas.

Assuring better service during peak rains!

In addition to this, all the necessary preparations have been made ahead of the anticipated floods to make sure people in Jaipur do not face any problems. With all the facilities in place and the setting up of these control rooms, the administration intends to ensure people get all the essential assistance during the monsoon. 

Moreover, these centers will also help in decreasing the chances of floods during the rainy season. The shelter sites will be specified, restoration of resources and sandbags will be executed, and arrangement of tractors, dumpers, JCBs, and Mud pumps will be done, assuring a clear and safe passage.

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