RTH bill protest UPDATE: Massive rally, protest may end today

Rajasthan doctors are holding a massive rally this morning in Jaipur to protest against the recently passed Right to Health (RTH) Act.


The doctors of Rajasthan are holding a massive rally to roll back the RTH Act. This is the second show of strength by the doctors in the last 10 days. Earlier on March 27, a big rally was also taken out in Jaipur.

Doctors arrived from other states as well and started gathering in large numbers at the SMS Resident Hostel Ground. Along with this, a team of doctors from Haryana, Ghaziabad and Uttar Pradesh have also come to join the protest against the Right to Health Bill.

Doctors rally begin from Residents Hostel Ground SMS Medical College. SMS will reach Medical College via Gokhale Hostel Road, Tonk Road, Maharani College Tiraha, Ashok Marg, Rajput Sabha Bhawan, Panch Batti, MI Road, Ajmeri Gate, New Gate, Albert Hall.

On the other hand, late night on Monday, April 3, a meeting was held between a six-member delegation of doctors led by the secretary of Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes Society, Vijay Kapoor and the state government representatives on the ongoing agitation regarding the Right to Health Bill protest. 

During the meeting, an agreement has been made with the government on 8 points. Information about the preparation of a memorandum of understanding is also coming to the fore. 

Agreement was reached on these 8 points:

1. Private multi specialty hospitals with less than 50 beds have been excluded from RTH. 

2. All private hospitals established without any facilities from the government and built on subsidized rates will also be kept out of the RTH Act. 

3. These hospitals will come under the ambit of RTH- 

– Private medical college hospitals 

– Hospitals built on PPP mode 

– Hospitals established after taking land from the government free of cost or at subsidized rates (per their contract terms) 

– Hospitals run by trusts ( Funded by the government in the form of land and building) 

4. Hospitals built at different places of Rajasthan will be considered for regularization

5. Police cases and other cases registered during agitation should be withdrawn

6. Single window system for licenses and other approvals for hospitals 

7. Fire NOC renewal to be done every 5 years 

8. Any further changes in rules, if any Yes, will be done after consultation with two representatives of IMA

After the agreement, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot tweeted,“I am happy that the government and the doctors have finally agreed on Right to Health and Rajasthan has become the first state in the country to implement Right to Health. Patient relationship will remain as before.”

Meanwhile, doctors are taking out a big rally today to roll back the RTH bill. There is a possibility that after this rally, the doctors’ delegation may meet the Chief Minister or the Chief Secretary and announce the end of their agitation.

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