New financial year begins today: Free electricity, cylinder for Rs 500

After the annpuncement pf budget, the new rules are going to be implemented from the new financial year i.e. today. Know what are the new rules.


April 1 is the beginning of the new financial year and many government schemes will be implemented from today. Gas cylinders will be cheaper, electricity bills are going to give some relief to both farmers and common consumers, there will be half fare for women in roadways buses. 

Free electricity to 11 lakh farmers

In this year’s budget, CM Ashok Gehlot had announced to give free electricity units. The benefit of 2000 units free every month is available to 11 lakh farmers of the state. They will get free electricity up to 66 units daily on agricultural connections. Similarly, common electricity consumers will get free electricity up to 100 units per month.

Gas cylinder for Rs.500

The families of Ujjwala Yojana will get gas cylinders for Rs.500 from today. Only 500 rupees will have to be paid every month for re-filling, the rest of the money will be paid by the state government. 

Half fare in roadways buses for women

Women will have to pay half the fare in Rajasthan’s roadways buses. The concession in roadways fare for women will be increased from 30 to 50% in roadways buses in the Rajasthan border. This discount will be available in local and express buses of roadways, but this facility will not be available in Volvo-Scania buses.

Up to 25 lakh of treatment in Chiranjeevi Yojana

Up to 25 lakh treatments will be available in Chiranjeevi Yojana. Till now, treatment up to Rs 10 lakh could be done. Its limit will be extended up to 25 lakhs. Accident insurance for the families involved in the Chiranjeevi scheme will also be increased from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 10 lakh.

Rs 1000 will be the minimum pension 

The social security pension of at least Rs 1000 will be available in the state. Social security pension will automatically increase by 15 percent.

Now 10 lakhs on Inter caste marriage

The incentive package from the Government will now be increased from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 10 lakh on Inter caste marriage. Even after marrying a Divyang, now an incentive package of Rs 5 lakh will be available. Rs 5 lakh will be placed in a fixed deposit for eight years, while the remaining Rs 5 lakh will be deposited in a joint bank account for the newlyweds

6.50 lakh orphan children will get Rs 1500

6.50 lakh orphan children included in Palanhar scheme will get increased money every month. The money received every month for children up to 6 years will be increased from Rs 500 to Rs 750. Children of 7 years to 18 years will get increased from Rs 1000 to Rs 1500 every month. 

Part time employees will get up to 3 lakhs on retirement

On retirement of employees working part time in the government, now they will get a retirement package of 2 to 3 lakh rupees. In this, home guards, contract Rexco employees in the government and more than two lakh part-time employees will get the benefit. Till now the government did not give anything to part time employees on retirement.

Allowances of urban bodies and Panchayati Raj employees will increased

From April 1, there will be a 15% increase in the allowances and honorarium of urban bodies and Panchayati Raj employees across the state. The allowances and honorarium of councilors, municipal presidents, chairman, mayor, ward panch, sarpanch, panchayat samiti members, district council members, pradhans and district heads will increase.

Registration of diesel vehicles will be cheaper

One time tax on diesel vehicles will be reduced by 2 percent. Till now, two% one time tax was levied on diesel four wheelers at the time of registration. Now there will be equal one time tax on diesel and petrol vehicles.

Ranthambore National Park fee increased

The entry fee for tourists visiting Ranthambore National Park has been increased. The new rates will be applicable from the morning shift on April 1.

Only six-digit hallmarked gold jewelry will be sold

Under the new rule, gold will not be sold without six-digit alphanumeric hallmarking from April 1. Just like the Aadhaar card has a 12 digit code, similarly gold will have a 6 digit hallmark code. This is called Hallmark Unique Identification Number i.e. HUID. This number can be alphanumeric like this- AZ4524. Through this number it will be possible to find out how many carats a gold is. 940 centers have been set up to give trade mark on gold across the country. Now the four digit hallmarking will be completely stopped.

Low tax if PAN is not linked 

There is a change in the tax rules regarding withdrawal from Provident Fund (PF). Now, if PAN is not linked to PF account, if you withdraw money, TDS will be 20% instead of 30%. This will benefit those PF holders, whose PAN is not yet updated.

Mahila Samman Scheme will start

‘Mahila Samman Saving Certificate’ has been launched in the budget with 7.5% interest rate. Women will be able to deposit a maximum of Rs 2 lakh for 2 years. At present, even 78% working women in the country do not even save 20% according to the Golden Rule of Saving. 2 lakh rupees scheme will benefit 32 thousand rupees in two years.

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