rajasthan international center

RIC becomes new tourist destination, entire Rajasthan visible in interior 


Rajasthan International Center (RIC) is emerging as a new destination for the Pink City. People are attracted to see the art and culture of Rajasthan visible in its interior and walls. The most special thing is its beautiful interior. This attracts people. IG and DIG conference was also organized here in January. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also participated in it. Since this event, many famous artists have come and performed here.

Main building square, divided into nine parts

Built at a cost of 140 crore spread over an area of around 7.44 hectares, this building is a unique confluence of Indian Vedic culture and Rajasthani architecture. The main building is square. It has been divided into nine square parts and given the same place as Navagraha. To maintain coolness, the latitude has been kept at 45 degrees north-south.

On the ground floor

Convention Hall: Its interior has been designed on the lines of the City Palace of Jaipur. A garden has also been attached to the hall. 

Main Auditorium: The walls are decorated with wall patterns of palaces, arches of Jaisalmer Fort. It is carved from Jaisalmer stone. 

Central Lobby: The central lobby is visible as you enter the porch. The walls are intricately carved with glass thekri artwork and gold leafing work. There are also four capsules and four main elevators.

On the first floor

Mini Auditorium: Two auditoriums have been built. LED display panel on stage. Projector has been arranged.

Multipurpose Hall: Arches and large windows will bring natural light into the hall. Marwari paintings will be visible on the walls. Scenes of the lakes and palaces of Udaipur have been carved between the beautiful arches.

Conference Hall: Two halls have been built. The mural of Chhatri of Mandore garden of Jodhpur has been installed on the wall of the hall.

On the second floor

Library: A library consisting of 40 work stations and 20 desktops has been created here. Right now there are 1000 books here. Has capacity to hold 2500 books.

Lecture Hall: There are two halls. interactive display panel have been installed.

Restaurants: Open terrace restaurants have also been developed. Arrangements for external lighting have also been made with electric heritage poles all around.

The access road is also excellent 

While constructing RIC, special care was taken of its access road. The VIP of the city is a few minutes away from the JLN route. On the other side is Jhalana Bypass. Because of this, movement here is easy. From big government events to private events are taking place.

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