schools reopen in rajasthan

Rajasthan unlocked, all restrictions removed, schools will now open

After a visible decline in covid cases, all restrictions regarding Covid 19 have been removed in the state, schools will open, the limit of guests in weddings is over.


Observing the constant dip in Covid 19 cases across the state, the state government has lifted all the restrictions imposed during a pandemic. Schools will finally be open after two years and there will be no limit for inviting the guests to wedding functions. 

The home department issued new guidelines on Sunday. All the restrictions of the already issued guidelines have been removed. Now there is no restriction from weddings to every event, now unlimited people will be able to participate. The limit of 250 people has been removed. Clubs, restaurants, hotels, gyms, cinemas, multiplexes will now be able to run at 100% capacity.

Schools will open from 16 February

After two years, Approval has been given to reopen all private and government schools for students of classes up to 5. Parent’s consent is required for offline classes in the school. Children will not be able to be called to school against the will of their parents. There will also be an option for online classes. The new guideline will be applicable from Wednesday 16 February. All other physical classes from 6th to 12th have already started in schools.

Emphasis has been laid on vaccination

As per the new rules, all the offices will have to put up information about how many people were fully vaccinated and how many have not been vaccinated. An action could be taken against those who don’t follow these orders.

Mandatory for travellers to show RT-PCR test report or vaccination certificate

It is mandatory for those coming from outside to show a certificate of both doses of vaccination or a negative report of 72 hours RT-PCR test. It will be mandatory for all passengers coming to Rajasthan by domestic air travel or travelling by train. 

Passengers from abroad will be quarantined till the negative report comes

It will be mandatory for the passengers arriving in Jaipur from abroad to conduct the RT-PCR test at the airport. Those coming positive will be institutionalized or home quarantined for 7 days till the RT-PCR test report comes negative. Also, if a passenger is unable to show the double-dose vaccination certificate or RT-PCR negative test report, then it will be mandatory to get tested. The concerned passenger will be quarantined for 7 days till the RT-PCR test report comes negative.

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