Rajasthan to have plastic pipelines for drinking water

Rajasthan to have plastic pipelines for drinking water

PHED has decided to lay plastic pipelines for drinking water in Rajasthan to cut off the cost on drinking water projects.


The Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) plans to install plastic pipelines all over Rajasthan. All the projects of drinking water in Rajasthan will have traditional iron pipes or plastic pipelines. 

The use of plastic pipes aims to cut down the expenses occurring on drinking water projects in the state. However, the iron pipes will be continued in the hilly terrains of the state. The plastic ones will be installed in all other areas except the hilly places. 

According to a PHED engineer, “It has been decided to use pipes with 100- 220 mm diameter. However, such pipes are not suitable for the hilly terrains. So, we would continue with the iron pipes in the hilly regions.” 

As per the officials, the cost of pipelines is quite huge for drinking water projects in the state. This is because the cost of iron has increased considerably in the past two to three years. For this, the department recently created a team to sort out ways to cut down costs of various projects of the state government and those under the Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM) of  the Union government.

The team of engineers had suggested the use of plastic pipes instead of iron pipes to cut down the cost. No matter if plastic pipes are prone to wear and tear as well as need frequent replacement, the use of plastic pipes in possible areas will still help save a huge amount of money. 

The officials will need make a few amendments in the state Act promulgated in 2015 to implement this plan. Discussions are under process so that PHED can start procuring plastic pipelines. The Jal Shakti ministry has also given liberty to the enforcing state government to select the types of pipelines. The only need that remains is to amend the state Act.

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