film city in Jaipur

Rajasthan govt schemes to setup film city in Jaipur

Rajasthan plans to establish a film city in Pink city with Private participation, scheming to attract investors by offering customized packages.


The state government is planning to found a film city in Jaipur with private participation after the state gained international recognition with the movie Golden Fortress, Sonar Kella of Satyajit Ray. 

A large part of Golden Fortress, Sonar Kella has been shot in Rajasthan bringing out the state’s film potential. Also, many film shootings and advertisements take place on a large scale in Rajasthan including Bollywood and Hollywood movies. This made the state government plan to establish a film city. 

Earlier, the Rajasthan government tried to attract investors to set up a film city in Jaipur which went in vain. This is another time the state government is venturing into this area. This time they are planning to attract investors by offering a customized package under the Rajasthan Investment Promotion Scheme (RIPS), 2019, to the project promoter to set up a film city.

A package of incentives (exemptions and subsidies) is available for investors under RIPS 2019. It includes an investment subsidy, employment generation subsidy, electricity exemption for seven years, land tax exemption for seven years, stamp duty exemption, among other things. Provision for a custom-built package of incentives for investments over Rs 100 crore and providing direct employment to more than 200 persons are also being provided.

Apart from this, a film tourism cell would be set up so that all approvals were made available within 15 days of application. All district-level clearances will be facilitated by this cell. The government has decided to offer an exemption from all fees and charges for film shooting at monuments in its control. Besides, the state government plans to coordinate with the Centre to open a branch of the Film and Television Institute in Rajasthan.

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