Jaipur to Delhi via Ringas

A train from Jaipur to Delhi via Ringas route to start by end of May


The North Western Railways (NWR) conducted a successful speed trial on an alternate route from  Shekhawati region that is from Jaipur to Reengus on Sunday.

During the trial, it took officials 32 minutes to reach Ringas from Jaipur and the return journey was completed in an hour.

According to the officials, the Commission of Railway Safety will conduct an inspection of this route on 24-25 April. The inspection will be done under the supervision of newly appointed DRM Manjusha Jain.

The super-fast or express-mail on this route will cover the distance in 40-45 minutes and the passenger train will take up to 60- 70 minutes.

At present, the connectivity from Sri Ganganagar to Jaipur is 680 km which will get reduced to 500 km with the operation of Jaipur-Ringas broad gauge short distance train.

This alternate route will benefit the armed forces personnel and traders as this route will connect people from Sri Ganganagar, Hanumangarh, Sadulpur, Churu, Sikar and Ringas where most of the people are from para-military, military and ex-servicemen.

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