rajasthan ambulance strike

Rajasthan Ambulance strike continues despite negotiations with the government


The strike of employees of 108 and 104 and base ambulance started at six in the morning on Thursday across the state. The Rajasthan Ambulance Strike is causing hardship to the patients and the High Court is serious about the strike. The high court summoned ACS Rohit Kumar Singh on Friday.

The employees went on strike demanding job security. They are in fear of losing their jobs with a change of operating agency. The government had called the strike workers for talks, but all the efforts went in vain and the matter did not resolve.

rajasthan ambulance strike

The High Court has summoned ACS Rohit Kumar Singh and union leader in the High Court. Additional Chief Secretary Rohit Kumar Singh appealed to the strikers to resume work after knowing their demands and giving them a hope to resolve. Despite talks with the government, the employees remained on strike. ACS Rohit Kumar Singh has now again called the strikers for talks on Friday. Both sides are having negotiations in the Secretariat.

Patients and their families were troubled all day by the strike. Due to the strike, the accident victims didn’t get any treatment on Thursday and were brought to hospitals by their family members in private vehicles. Cases of hospitals, including SMS Hospital, Jaipuria hospital, Satellite Hospital, and Kanwatia hospital did not get any ambulances service.

Cause Of the Rajasthan Ambulance Strike

rajasthan ambulance strike

According to the patients, many calls were made to call 108 ambulances, but they did not receive any response. Only 242 patients came for treatment at SMS’s Trauma Center on Thursday, out of which 40 injured patients were admitted. The ambulances had to run for the hospitals stationed outside the state assembly at Janpath. The drivers protested in front of the assembly. Private ambulance employees took advantage of this strike and shifted patients from hospitals.

The Rajasthan Ambulance Strike began due to the recently issued tenders for the ambulances with the government. The tender did not mention the salary and other perks for ambulance employees. The employees demanded that the salary and other perks should be specified for the attendant and the driver of the ambulances. few days ago the 108 And 104 Ambulance Services were closed for some unknown reasons.

Union President Virendra Singh Shekhawat says that Employees were not assured of their salary, which they demanded and they are skeptical about their jobs and salary. About 6 thousand ambulance drivers will come to Jaipur and protest.

Their major demands are:

  • A separate official should be appointed by the government to prevent harassment by the new private firm.
  • The salary of ambulance drivers should be 14 thousand per month and the nursing staff should get 16 thousand salary per month.
  • In the new tender, the ambulance staff should be forced to work for more than 8 hours.
  • A 10 percent increase in salary, basic facilities should be provided.
  • Ambulance employees should also be added to the committee of contract workers.
  • Existing employees should be retained in the new tender.