Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi blames Modi govt for jobs and the weak economy at Jaipur rally


Rahul Gandhi participated in the ‘Youth Aakrosh Rally’ of Congress in Jaipur. The rally was organized at the historic Albert Hall in Jaipur on Tuesday.

Addressing the crowd, Rahul held the Modi government responsible for youth losing jobs. He hit out at the central government blaming it for an increase in unemployment, inflation, weakening economy and creating divisions. He avoided making direct references to the Citizenship Amendment Act or the NRC.

Stating the youth of the country as best and smartest youths in the world, he said, “The youth of India can transform the world, but the talent of the youth is being wasted. Today’s youth is a victim of unemployment. Last year, one crore youth lost employment.”

Rahul Gandhi accused the PM of not addressing the issues concerning youth. “Presently, the unemployment rate is the highest in 45 years,” he said. 

In a 25-minute speech, Rahul attacked the government of implementing GST without any plans or preparations. “Small businesses have suffered losses due to GST and were shut down. The GST has weakened the economy instead of boosting it because it made it difficult to do business in the country,” he said.

He also claimed that the reputation of India has been damaged. It is known as a country that stood for brotherhood, love, and unity, whereas Pakistan was known for hatred and division. But now it has earned a bad reputation abroad. It is termed a ‘rape capital’ in the entire world,” said the Congress leader.

Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot and deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot also addressed the rally. The rally witnessed less than moderate turn out.