PUNO – A Trampoline Park in Jaipur to get you thrilled!


Kids often demand a fun-filled outing. It becomes confusing for parents to plan a family outing that makes them happy. Fabulous outings need great places and coming back recharged and fresh. So ditch the cliché outing plans like going out for a movie, shopping, or just going to a restaurant or cafe and choose one option that is just simply loads of fun, a Trampoline Park. A trampoline is a great way to spend time as a family and yes!! Jaipur has it too! Puno trampoline park in Jaipur is the first-ever indoor adventure arena and trampoline park in Rajasthan.

With PUNO trampoline park as an outing option, make memorable weekends happen in a true sense. Pull up your socks and get ready to strike boredom right out of the park as at PUNO, entertainment knows no boundaries. It is an absolutely delightful experience, especially after the pandemic.

Puno – A super fun adventure destination!

PUNO trampoline park offers you a blast of a time. The mere pleasure of hopping high into the air from the bouncy surface has to be one of the most thrilling excitements in the world.
This adventure arena not only has trampolines but a plethora of other entertaining and challenging activities to satiate your adrenaline rush. Not for a moment will you feel bored as there are many options to get entertained and have fun, being packed with activities of unique and energetic varieties together. With the excitement of jumping between trampolines to bouncing off the walls, one can feel tempted to fly through the air or engage in some daring variety of aerial acts never done before.

One place for all!

PUNO has got activities for literally everyone. It is not only smong the best fun places in Jaipur for kids but for every age person. For adventure lovers, this trampoline park is one of a kind that will exceed their expectations with its excitement and thrill giving them an adrenaline rush. For kids, this park is a great place where they can try flipping and fly through the air without hesitating a bit. With no dangers of hard surfaces, your little ones land softly and safely on a super soft foam surface.

Kill your hunger pangs!

To top it all, they have a food section that is just a cherry on the cake. If you feel tired and feel low on energy after having so much physical fun, grab a bite or have a sip at CHOOL sports Café. They serve some delicious, lip-smacking dishes and a variety of nonalcoholic beverages to take care of your appetite. From some drool-worthy shakes, mocktails, hot and cold beverages to delicious Italian, Chinese, street food and main course from some exotic desserts to snacks and crazy combos, Chool has it all. With an assortment of eating options and fun-filled activities, Puno Trampoline Park lets each member of your family have the best of time for sure.

Party hard at Puno!

Apart from fun activities and food, these parks are also used a lot for hosting a party. This trampoline park also makes a great venue to host birthday parties or social gatherings. Birthday parties at a trampoline park are a big hit among kids and parents alike, and even group events do take place regularly. So, when it comes to activities for kids, without a second thought you can head straight to Puno.

The amenities and vibe of this venue are perfect. You get food, fun and a well-deserved dose of entertainment to make your guests feel happy. So, no more need to fret over venues for the next weekend outing or for celebrating the birthday of your kids as Puno ensures a memorable time for your family.

Fun Activities & Games at Puno Jaipur

  • Donut slide
  • Ninja Course
  • Rope Course
  • Snook ball
  • Dodgeball
  • Slam Dunk
  • Roller Bridge
  • Battle beam
  • Swing Bridge
  • Wipe Out
  • Spider Tower
  • Sky Stepper
  • 3D needle
  • Cyclone
  • Interactive trampoline
  • Skyfalls
  • Free jump arena

What should I wear in Puno Jaipur?

To enjoy the fun activities at PUNO, make sure you wear comfortable and stretchable clothes. Your clothes should not have any sharp objects such as belt buckles or clothing studs. You are also not allowed to wear jewellery. Before entering, wear PUNO grip socks for trampoline jumping. You will need to purchase reusable PUNO grip socks from the counter.

They do have a changing room for your convenience so that you can get into your comfortable clothes. Additionally, you will be allowed to enter only after opening shoes. Keep your shoes in the lockers available there.

Things to keep in mind

The use of trampolines, the wall, foam pit, bag jump, or any other equipment at PUNO involves significant risk. Visitors should participate at their own risk. If any medical emergency is needed the customer will have to bear the expenses.

For eligibility to enter at Puno arena one must be in good health and free from any unfavourable medical conditions. Pregnant women or people with pre-existing health problems are not allowed.

What is the age limit of Puno Jaipur?

There are 2 arenas, a kids arena and an adult arena. The age limit of the kid’s arena is 3 years to 7 years and the age limit of the adult arena is above 10 years. While the weight limit is 120 kg to use the facilities at PUNO.

What are the timings of Puno?

It is open on all days from 12 pm to 9 pm. Hours may differ on festive occasions.

What is the entry fee at Puno Jaipur?

The moment you enter, you will need to fill out a waiver form which is a mandatory step. You can either get the form at their entrance counter or you can fill it up online by scanning the QR code for the online waiver form.

After this, you can proceed to another counter for the tickets. You will have to show the waiver form you have filled up to get your tickets. The prices vary depending on if you are an adult or a kid. The ticket prices also vary depending on the time and days of the week.

Price for Adults

60 Mins – Rs. 700 on weekdays and Rs. 800 on weekends
90 Mins – Rs. 900 on weekdays and Rs. 1150 on weekends 120 Mins – Rs. 1250 on weekdays and Rs. 1400 on weekends

Price for Kids

60 Mins – Rs. 500 on weekdays and Rs. 570 on weekends
90 Mins – Rs. 649 on weekdays and Rs. 749 on weekends
120 Mins – Rs. 899 on weekdays and Rs. 990 on weekends

Grip Socks: There are additional charges for grip socks which are mandatory to purchase. These socks provide a special grip and can be reused on your further visits. They charge up to Rs 80 for Grip Socks.

Locker: There is also a locker facility to keep your valuables like jewellery, mobile, wallets or handbags safe. They charge Rs. 50 for a locker and Rs. 350 deposit that is refundable on returning the locker keys.

Puno Jaipur address

Fantasy Square, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Nagar’A, 192-196, NH52, Near 200 ft. bypass, Karni Vihar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302019

Is there parking available?

Yes, there are 2-wheeler and 4-wheeler parking spaces available. They have a valet parking facility as well.

Contact: +91 8298294449

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