Police third eye in Jaipur installing 672 CCTV cameras

Police to strengthen third eye in Jaipur, installing 672 CCTV cameras

Police soon to increase the range of the third eye in Jaipur, 672 CCTV cameras will be installed at 100 places, miscreants be alert!


Police in Jaipur are all set to widen their third eye. Jaipur Police is now going to install 672 CCTV cameras equipped with state-of-the-art technology with the help of DOIT, in order to get rid of the common man from the ever-increasing traffic pressure and traffic jams in the capital Jaipur. 

Under this, 672 CCTV cameras will be installed at 100 places. Work has also started on this project. At first, the work of installing CCTVs on all the VVIP and busiest routes of the capital have been started. Soon the entire city will be under the coverage of CCTV cameras.

This will not only save the time of the police but will also save manpower. Along with this, these cameras will prove to be very effective in crime control and arrest of criminals. 

400 ANPR cameras will be installed in Jaipur city 

On breaking the traffic rules in any corner of the capital Jaipur, now the challan will be sent to the driver’s mobile number even before reaching the driver’s house. For this, 400 ANPR cameras are being installed in Jaipur city. ANPR cameras equipped with state-of-the-art technology are being installed at 100 places from every entry and exit point of the city. 

Along with this, 272 PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras are also being installed. These cameras will work on a software which is very fast and state-of-the-art, having the facility to rotate and zoom at 360 degrees. 

Cameras equipped with AI technology

These cameras equipped with AI technology will identify miscreants and the challan will reach the house of traffic rule breakers. They will generate the challan after clearly reading the number plate of the vehicles breaking the traffic rules and will send the challan to the registered mobile number of the driver. 

According to the Additional Police Commissioner Traffic and Administration, Rahul Prakash, “ITMS cameras are still being used in Jaipur Traffic Police, but cameras are still in short supply. The cameras that are being installed now are equipped with brand new technology and are capable of completing many types of tasks.”

Popup will appear on the screen

If a miscreant is running away in a vehicle, then that vehicle can be tracked very easily through these cameras. Wherever the miscreant’s vehicle passes, the cameras installed at that place will give a popup on the screen of the police control. Given this, it will be very easy for the police to catch that miscreant. Along with this, even in case of a jam at any place in the city, these cameras will give a popup on the screen. 

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