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Police will keep eye on hotel guests in real-time from E-Visitor portal

E-Visitor Portal will be connected to the Police Control Room to help keep tabs on hotel guests. Hotel operators have to upload every info of the guests.


The police control room will now receive the photo and other details of guests staying at hotels, guest houses and inns in the city. The hotels have been asked to upload the photos and details of every guest on a portal that would be accessible to the city.

According to the senior official, “Criminals commit crimes in other states and then take shelter in hotels in the city. We need a system where we can monitor such elements in real-time. The data of guests staying at a hotel will be monitored by the Abhay Command Centre whenever we have input about such activities from the police of other states.”

The officer added that the hotel employees had also been asked to be on the lookout for any suspicious activities and inform the police about them.

A seminar was organized at Birla Auditorium recently which included the Police Commissionerate officials and operators of about 1000 hotels, guest houses and dharamshalas of the city. In a meeting, the senior police officers including the additional commissioner of police Ajay Pal Lamba and DCPs instructed the hotel representatives to upload the details of guests on the website mandatorily.

Reportedly, all the operators gave their consent to upload the information on the E-visitor portal. This system will start on Thursday. This tech is a great initiative to help police officials to keep a check on criminals who commit crimes in other states and take shelter in hotels here.

This information will have to be given on the portal

Those staying in hotels and Dharamshala will have to upload information like name, address, mobile number and identity card with a photo. Along with this, the time of the check-in and check-out of the guests will also have to be mentioned.

Till now this was the arrangement

Currently, hotels maintain a register and keep a record of the ID cards furnished by the guests. The operators used to give information about the stay of foreigners at hotels, guest houses and Dharamshala to the CID. Whereas the information regarding the Indian people’s stay remained in the hotels. The police used to visit hotels, guest houses and dharamshalas to verify the information from time to time.

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