Firecrackers ban in Rajasthan

Firecrackers ban in Rajasthan accessing the covid risk


The Ashok Gehlot government in Rajasthan has taken a big decision in this challenging time of Covid outbreak. The government has decided to ban the sale and bursting of firecrackers and fireworks across the state.

The firecrackers have an adverse impact on the Covid-19 patients and those suffering from heart and respiratory diseases. As a protective move, Chief Minister Gehlot took strict action against the sale and bursting of firecrackers, prohibiting fireworks and non-fitness smoke-blowing vehicles. 

Recently, a note from the department of medicine at SMS Hospital gave vigilance that firecrackers can have a very severe effect on those suffering from asthma, heart and respiratory diseases. Hence, advised a total ban on the use of crackers. 

In a recent corona review meeting on Sunday Chief Minister Gehlot said, “In this challenging time of Corona epidemic, saving the lives of the people of the state is paramount for the government. Covid patients as well as heart and respiratory issues suffer due to the toxic smoke emanating from the fireworks. In such a situation, people should stay safe from fireworks on Diwali.”

He has also issued instructions to ban the license for sale of firecrackers temporarily. The official statement released says that poisonous smoke emitted by crackers is a health hazard for people suffering from various diseases. Gehlot had appealed to the people to not burst firecrackers and to stay away from bursting firecrackers this Diwali. The ban will also be imposed to all the events and marriages. 

The Covid situation in the state has slightly lowered down but still there are over 1,500 new cases being reported daily. He said that ‘another phase of corona has started in advanced countries like Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Spain. Of them many have been compelled to put a lockdown again. For avoiding such a situation to arise here, we also have to be careful.

Apart from this, Chief Minister Gehlot talked about the protocols of Unlock-6 in the review meeting and instructed the directions. 

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